(Former) President Barack Obama and (Former) First Lady Michelle Obama made a somewhat rare public appearance this week, to help unveil their official portraits to be hung in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery - Barack's was done by Kehinde Wiley, and Michelle's by Amy Sherald. Both are striking and powerful portraits - and befitting of the subjects and artists, they stand out from many of the other portraits in the gallery.


But, since this is the internet, everyone just focused on meme-ifying the heck outta Barack's. And because there were just so many, we whittled it down to the 5 best.


This edit by lutifish is honestly just about perfect - the image of the 44th President seemingly about to fall into some hedges was simply too close to the already meme-ified gif of Homer Simpson eerily disappearing back into his hedges (from the classic episode "Homer Loves Flanders"). And while lots of people made this connection right from the unveiling, this was the first to combine the two images into one perfect gif.



This one - by GeneralFelixBraxton - reminds us that Obama smoked a lot of weed in his day. Not that that's a very revelatory thing - President Clinton very famously was a bit of a pothead (but claimed he "never inhaled," which is extremely believable) and President George W. Bush was very famously addicted to cocaine for a period in his life. But still, Obama seemed like he'd be a chill enough dude to smoke some dank kush with if you ever had the opportunity.

At least, uh, moreso than his successor in office, who is letting elfen racist Jeff Sessions demonize weed as being on the same level as heroin.



Wandering_butnotlost takes us back from Barack to Barry - aka Younger Barack, who was unbelievably chill-looking and serves as a dire sign of what literally every future politician will have to deal with (but way more): old pictures of them looking high. Facebook has doomed an entire generation - especially because most people look a lot stupider than Barack Obama when they're high. Honestly, I would kill to look half as good as Obama did when stoned. He's able to pull off a hat - IT'S SO HARD TO PULL OFF WEARING A HAT CASUALLY.

I'm not jealous or anything, I swear.


Good job, TonyHolmesDesigns. Now we can all wistfully remember Joe Biden, our vice presidential goofy uncle.


Really gotta respect this gif by unknown_human - it took the concept of an Obama portrait, but actually subverted our expectations in a meaningful way. Instead of the somber, iconic portrait, it's Obama going windsurfing with a billionaire and saying sayonara to the rest of us. Although honestly, if I was getting replaced by a guy who spent several years claiming I was a secret traitor born in a foreign land, I wouldn't be too happy with the general public either.