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Believe it or not, but CollegeHumor power couple Emily Axford and Brian Murphy have gone and written a relationship advice book - entitled HEY, U UP? (For a Serious Relationship): How to Turn Your Booty Call into Your Emergency Contact. And if anyone at CollegeHumor knows a thing about love, relationships, and being extremely funny, it's these two - they started off as co-workers, then became friends, then fell in love, then got married, then wrote and starred in a sketch show about love & relationships (based on their web series Hot Date), and now they've written a book (also they started a podcast alongside Caldwell Tanner about nerdy literature somewhere in there - check it out, it's extremely good).

And yes, in case you weren't aware (and according to some previous Youtube comments, many weren't) - MURPH AND EMILY ARE ACTUALLY MARRIED IN REAL LIFE.


They are for real in love, legally bound to one another, and creating the most magical thing two people in love can make together - entertainment.

And not only that, but the book is legitimately hilarious and includes some nuggets of genuinely good advice (and I'm not just saying that because Murph gave me my start here). Don't believe me? Check out this sample page - a flowchart telling you whether you're ready to move in with your significant other. It's brutally honest and completely correct.


Now I know what you're thinking - you're asking yourself whether you really NEED a book of relationship advice. Well the hard truth is - OF COURSE YOU DO. No matter who you are or what your relationship status is, everyone could use a refresher on the ways of love.

  • Single? Well you probably want to BE in a relationship soon, and this book can help you get there - and make it work, once you find someone who's as into Naruto fanfic as you are.
  • In a relationship that you want to take to the next level? This is a major stumbling block for a lot of relationships - having a funny, easy-to-read guide could help you out a bit.
  • In a fulfilling, mutually-loving relationship with a significant other that is just absolutely perfect and issue-free? ...well, GOOD FOR YOU. Maybe you can buy a copy for a friend or relative who's a little less lucky in love, or just buy a copy for yourself to chuckle at BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS JUST SOOOOOOO PERFECT.
  • Not really interested in improving your romantic pursuits but ARE a huge fan of Murph and Emily and know that everything they make is hilarious and wonderful and know you'd be missing out if you didn't get this? Hey bud, same.

So really, no matter WHO you are, you don't really have any excuse to not get this book. And I say this as someone who hasn't had the patience or attention to read ANY book since Harry Potter.

Still not convinced? Well...I don't really have any arguments left, except for some videos that prove that Emily & Murph (or "Eurph" / "Memily", depending on which couple name you find less upsetting) are funny, witty, insightful, and know a thing or two about the world of love:

So BUY THEIR BOOK - it's good and you'll feel slightly better about yourself for buying something other than Overwatch loot boxes today.