Scary stories are great and everything, but hey, we got places to be. We don't have time to read a BOOK or even a SHORT STORY. We have MEMES to peruse. So here's 15 super short, 5-words-or-less, scary stories to quickly glance at before getting back to wasting time on Facebook.

1. AwkwardAlligator  

It enjoys watching you sleep.

2. Hippo55  

Alone in bed. Blanket shifts.

3. Panx 

You awoke suddenly, buried alive.

4. Wzup  

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday.

5. EndsWithMan  

Living alone, toilet was warm.

6. oh-dear-god-no  

Shared redtube clip to Facebook

7. tubadude2  

That door was just closed.

8. praisedragjesus  

Winged spiders. That is all.


Just saw my reflection blink.

10. frivolous-spending  

Then my shadow stepped closer.

11. cliffsofinsanity  

Swimming.... "Something touched my foot."

12. Onion920  

2% milk. 98% spiders.

13. Drew-  

Your browser history is public.

14. jsz  

Landed on moon. It's hatching.

15. Nanjag  

Penis tip paper cut