The teeth are so long and sharp you can hear them chattering while they worm their way through claustrophobic tunnels. Because of the deep underground habitats, their eyes have become virtually irrelevant, replaced with tiny beads that will send shivers down your spine.

Occasionally they have fur, but some are as stark and naked as a freshly shaved ball sack. 

The strange species of mole rats are hidden just beneath the earth's surface and at first glance, they don't seem all that intimidating.

However, Zemmiphobia doesn't just refer to any mole, it refers to THE GREAT MOLE RAT. SO what the fuck is that?


Is it some hideous amalgamation of man and mole?                                                                                                                                         via reddit

Some say the Great Mole Rat phobia is an irrational fear of a non-specific creature of the ground-burrowing variety, sometimes used in cult rituals and practices.


via The Encyclopedia of Nature of the Samara Region

Others claim it's based on The Giant, or Greater, Mole Rat (pictured above), a Russian/Ukranian species who's "eyes are covered by a membrane of skin and have atrophied lens cells enclosed in a vesicle and a retinal layer" (thanks Wikipedia!) AKA WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEIR EYES?

Perhaps, as the video suggests, there is a Fellowship of Underground Brethren lead by a giant King of Moles, waiting for it's opportunity to take over the surface. 

Whatever it may be, fuck moles, they're creepy as hell. 

1. It's so cold, it needs your warm flesh. 


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2. Each part of the mole's body size is in relation to how much of it's brain is devoted to it.


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4. Hello, great friend. 


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5. Great tunneling ballsack!


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6. Motherly love. 


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7. The game "Fallout" knows what up with these creepy fuckers. 


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8. A literal nightmare brought to life. 

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9. The Fire Swamp from The Princess Bride IS REAL.


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10. The Star-Nosed NOPE!


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11. It can't see, but it CAN bite. 


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12. All he's missing is a crown. 


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