Nobody likes getting pulled over. It's nerve-wracking, stressful, and to be honest a little frightening. Police have WEAPONS, and you are armed with nothing but some dashboard Altoids. All this culminates into a perfect storm of accidental nervous admissions of guilt that people totally wish they could take back. 

1. foxfire1992 -- Don't forget about that whole 'right to remain silent' thing. 

As I was handcuffing a guy after a felony car stop for a stolen car, he looks around sees all the cop cars and the helicopter. Says to me "All this for a gta?" Why thank you sir, now i don't have to interview you.

2. Hoarf -- Same with the ass heroin! 

Not a police officer, but a CO at a jail. A man came in, and I told him to place his hands on the wall for a pat-down. He immediately said, "The drugs in my sock aren't mine!"

3. AsGoodAsFamous -- Always play dumb. Especially if you ARE dumb. 

In my state driving with a suspended license is a non-criminal traffic offense. However, KNOWINGLY driving with a suspended license is a criminal traffic offense. More often than not, when I pull someone over with a suspended license they always start out by saying something along the lines of "Look I know my license is suspended but..."

4. bullhorn_bigass -- Don't worry about that crime, it was just me committing that crime. 

When I was a teacher, I stood with Officer S, the school police officer, in the morning out near the bus lanes to greet students. One morning, a mom drove up to drop her child off, rolled down the passenger side window, and called out to Officer S, "If you get a call about a break-in on Smith Street, don't worry about it, it was just me." Then proceeded to roll up the window and try to drive away while he ran after her shouting "Excuse me, ma'am, I need to talk to you" and I laughed my ass off.

5. Qui-Gon_Jim -- This lady needs to work on her excuses.

Late to the party but here's one of many...

I pulled over a woman for speeding one night. 45ish MPH in a 30 MPH zone on a gorgeous spring night with pedestrians everywhere. When I asked her if she knew she was speeding she said that she did - she was having brake problems and was rushing to get the car to her friend's shop.

The regret was obvious when I pointed out that if her brakes didn't work correctly perhaps slower would have been the better option.

6. PenisPotato922 -- This one is actually nuts. 

I knew a kid who was arrested after pointing a gun at the police after they stopped him because they got a call about car prowlers. When he tried to run away he slipped and fell, so they caught him. When the police officer was telling the other officers that the guy was trying to shoot at him, he said "I forgot to take the safety off". He basically just admitted to attempted murder of a police officer and was sentenced to 13 years in prison at the ripe old age of 17.

7. _timewasted -- Sorry officer it's just that I'm so accustomed to breaking the law. 

I'm the idiot in this situation. Being apologetic by nature; when I got pulled over for rolling through a stop sign I said "I'm so sorry officer, I do it all the time".

8. iforgotmorethanuknow -- Shrooms plus driving is a scary mix. 

Not a cop, but my friend told me this.......... pulled a guy over late one night. His car reeked of pot. My friend said it was no big deal he just wanted to make sure the guy was safe to drive. Here is where things get wierd. Guy has his hands on the steering wheel (aka in sight) and is very very polite, but forgot to turn down his music. My friend said it was like being in the front row at a concert. Told the guy to turn down his music and no shit the guy instead of turning down his music just changed it to the local college station. Turns out he was on shrooms (and smoking) and thought changing it to the 'right station' would 'compensate for the lack of nocturnal noises'.

9. morrisonh0tel -- Awww, but the cop really wanted to use his lil breathalyser. 

My friend apologized for not drinking after the cop asked her if she'd had anything that night.

10. Jenaration200 -- Polite & dumb, got it. 

It's pretty common for people to openly admit to driving 10MPH over the speed limit because they think that 10 over is acceptable. It's also common that they don't know the speed limit. So they'll admit to going 45 in what they think is a 35 but it's actually a 25. Your best strategy is just to be polite and play dumb.

11. bolderbagel -- NEVER GIVE UP UR HIDDEN STASH 

Close enough...A friend of mine is a cop and the first time he pulled anyone over it was a couple of teenagers in the car. My buddy says to them jokingly, "alright guys, where are you hiding the pot?" They were instantly terrified so they opened the middle console and handed him an eighth ounce of weed. He couldn't believe it and said he honestly felt really bad because at that point he had no choice but to write them up.

12. mochlod -- Nice try, scooter man. 

Me after pulling over a 40+ year old man on a scooter: "Am i going to find anything illegal under the seat?"

Him: "Nothing that belongs to me...."

13. kierdoyle -- Damn, outed by your own kid. 

Not a cop, and less nervous than being little, but when I was a kid my mom ran a red then got pulled over for speeding like 10 minutes later. The cop asked "do you know what you did wrong?" My little child self screams from the back seat "YEAH SHE RAN A RED LIGHT" the cop nearly peed herself laughing and let my mom off