In case you missed it, this lucky attendee of THE BIG GAME last night got some serious personal time with JT during the halftime performance.

With mere seconds in the spotlight, this sweet boy was able to meme-ify himself and assert himself into the weird Ken Bone stratosphere of people we now know for some reason. Enjoy the fruits of his labors.

1. Great fight man, you almost had Mayweather


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2. A man sang at me and now everyone is making memes about me

3. Ohhhh I see. He was Branch in Dreamwork's Trolls

4. 'Save image'


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5. I love this song! Always have!

6. Uhhhh can I go to the bathroom


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7. ...shit

8. Now this, this is the greatest show on turf


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9. Been hearing this word getting thrown around a whole lot 


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10. The wiggly microphone was cool and stuff, but I wanna see someone jump off a stadium

11. Turning Safe Search off

12. Getting sleepy out here

13. Get this troll song outta here gotta get myself a little Sweet Victory


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14. Yeah seriously when is Minecraft going to play the halftime show


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15. This man wants a double scoop of JT

16. Thank Christ, this football game has an alarming lack of anime tittiesundefined

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17. Probably won't happen! See you at home!


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