Very Funny Tweets That Will Brighten Your Day Like a Solar Flare

Hey, you. Yes, you. Take a break from scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and seeing how much fun your friends, family, and co-workers seem to be having. Take a break from the monotony of the workday. Take a break from whatever boring stuff you would otherwise be doing and enjoy some funny tweets. Why? Because you deserve it.

Your Pal,

CollegeHumor Dot Com

1. Cops don't want you to know about this loophole, but it's extremely real* (*it is not extremely real)

2. Escaping dad jokes is the one legitimate reason to eat a laundry pod

3. I would like 4 King's Wedges, please.

4. Remember when "internet tough guys" just said they wanted to beat you up, instead of threatening to murder a bunch of people and say Hitler is good? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

5. There is no more blessed comment than Papa Rockwell's.

6. "It's Uber for corn!"

7. Although I do bet Michael Shannon has beautiful, delicate hands.

8. This is some next-level racism.

9. (*pauses to think*) "Holy shit..."

10. Siri is sick of your shy bullshit and is making BIG MOVES, so get used to it.

11. My god - we've all been living a lie...

12. #MotionControlVapeLife

13. This is the most inspiring statement ever.