Before countless hoardes of internet trolls roamed the land, real life trolls were out an about trolling the real world. Here's 12 of those fine trolls who truly set the standard in trolling.

1. thepenaltytick -- "Yoohoo! Over here!" 

2. Goodguyscumbag -- This is fun trolling at its finest. 

That guy who went on a forum and convinced the internet he was a time traveler. To this day, people still believe a time traveler visited the internet.


3. PhysicsIsMyMistress -- Well that seems counterintuitive. 

Alfred Rudl was an Austro-Hungarian officer who became a spy for the Russian Empire. However, he ended up being the head of Austro-Hungarian Intelligence during right before World War I. That's right, a Russian spy as the head of Austria-Hungary's spy-catchers.

4. dirtyqtip -- Ole Porky strikes again. 

Oliver "Porky" Bickar

"As the Coast Guard pilot approached Mt. Edgecumbe, the plume of smoke grew in size. Finally he was right above it, and he peered down into the crater. At first, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He looked more closely, and then he laughed. Stacked in the cone of the volcano, burning with a greasy flame, was a huge pile of old tires. And spray-painted in the snow beside the tires, in 50-foot-high black letters, were the words "APRIL FOOL.""

5. weizhong5 -- "Psst. You like that building? 100 bucks and its yours." 

"Count" Victor Lustig was one of the most successful con men in history. He twice attempted to sell the Eiffel Tower by posing as a government official, succeeding the first time (and even getting additional money in the form of a bribe), and evading arrest the second time when the deal fell through.

He also manufactured a lot of counterfeit money, sold "cash printing machines," and even scammed Al Capone out of $5000 by pretending to be honest.

6. Born2dodishes -- Pranks of the rich and famous. 

Richard Branson.

A quote from the description of his crazy April Fool's prank:

"The then 36-year-old chairman of Virgin Records arranged for a hot-air balloon masquerading as a flying saucer to land in a field in Surrey, outside London. An alien in a space outfit exited the UFO, who turned out to be a midget."

7. hablomuchoingles -- One of the earliest trolls to troll. 

Diogenes of Sinope

  • After rival Plato defined a man as a featherless biped, Diogenes placed a plucked chicken on Plato's doorstep claiming, "behold! I have brought you a man!" After that, the definition was changed to include 'with broad, flat nails'.

  • Diogenes would run into Plato's house with muddy feet, and stamp all over his embroidered pillows. 

  • Diogenes was allegedly visited by Alexander the Great, who loved the stories he heard of Diogenes. He said, "I am the most powerful man in the world. Ask me for one thing, and your wish will be grant," or something like that. Diogenes responded, "step to the left, you're in my sun."

  • It's widely reported that Diogenes died from holding his breath. I don't think this is possible, but it's awesome.

  • In a time when where you were from was one of the most important aspects of life, Diogenes claimed to be a "citizen of the world," 

  • Alexander the Great once quipped, "If I were not Alexander, then I would wish to be Diogenes."

8. Flatbush_Zombie_King -- Do not eat your babies. 

Jonathan Swift. I'm sure most of you read his essay "A Modest Proposal" in either high school or college. For those of you who haven't read it, "A Modest Proposal" is a satire that sarcastically encourages poor Irish people to sell their children to the rich as a food source. Swift's social commentary about inequality went over a lot of people's head's and he got railed in the press for suggesting that babies would be a good food source.

9. Gah, I wish.

In the Making Of special on Back to the Future 2, Robert Zemeckis claimed that they used real hoverboards in the movie, but that concerned parent organizations wouldn't allow them to be sold due to safety concerns.

10. Probably a bit of both. 

Andy Kaufman.

No one knew for sure if he was a genius, or crazy, or a crazy genius.

11. captain_dux -- Damn Mark, what do you have against Cleveland? 

Meet Mark Gubin. This guy lives in Milwaukee, wanna know why he is a gigantic troll? 

He lives near an airport and wrote "WELCOME TO CLEVELAND" on the roof of his house. Imagine flying into Milwaukee, seeing this and saying "OH SHIT CLEVELAND".

How long has this been up? Since 1978 . . . . He has been trolling passengers going to Milwaukee since 1978. No one beats Mark Gubin.

TL;DR: Artist writes "Welcome to Cleveland" to welcome low flying planes to Milwaukee.

12. yovman -- Rose sucks. Plain and simple. 

Definitely Rose, from Titanic. 

She knew the entire time that she had the necklace. Let that guy spend 100s of thousands of dollars trying to find it. Let them pay to fly her out to the ship so she could see her stupid drawing. Then dies on the boat. 

Oh, and after the ship sinks, she moves on, has a husband, kids, whole family, yet when she dies and goes to heaven, rather than meeting her husband, she meets the random guy she fucked on a boat one time.