How's today going for you? Not great, right? Could be going better? Stuck at a boring job, or doing some chores, or just feeling kinda meh? That's okay - you're not alone. We're all in the same boat - after all, it's a new year, the weather's miserable, and we're just not feeling all that optimistic about things. Luckily, we have some choice funny tweets to lift your spirits a bit - enjoy!

1. To be fair, it was a pretty dick move of this guy's parents to name him "Hunter Fisher" in the first place.

2. Mugs that hide secret mugs? This is some inception-level coffee drinking.

3. "Oi, wot if ya the pub was in your mobile phone?"

4. Time heals all wounds (well, almost all wounds).

5. 2017, we'll never forget your memes...but we will forget everything else.

6. C'mon, Mars...stop being an asshole.

7. This kid gets extra credit for their deeply morbid and nihilistic worldview.

8. At least he was in Miami, so the weather was probably nice.

9. Why did McGonagall only teach them the spell that summons corn cobs?

10. 2018 is full of potential (for disappointment)

11. John Wick 3: Ant-sassin.

12. This is goddamn GENIUS.