1. Let me see where I broke you, please

2. And it never will be :(

3. Just enjoy it yourself you big ol' freak

4. Didn't know this bus was being driven by THE GRINCH

5. Give them back, and we won't press charges

6. Chill, Cersei

7. Answer your question?

8. Mmmm yeah I can see it now

9. See, they're served in such tiny cans I figured how could they be that big

10. That's why everyone does it. Tryna be Dave Mirra

11. As a redhead, I need to be invested in my fellow ginger's successes

12. Imagine how stinky that thing must beΒ 

13. Wonder if this was the same bus the Christmas man was tryna get on

14. Cucumbers > Pickles

15. Be in touch soon

16. Have you ever asked your bitch for other bitches?

17. This is the sound of a true artist