Joyce Byers is exactly the mom you want in your corner if you're a kid who has inexplicably become a living host to a malicious alien species. She will care for you, fight for you, and most importantly, she will completely upend the ENTIRETY of her home if it means it will help you. With Christmas lights in Season 1, and a bunch of fucking taped up doodles in Season 2, we look ahead to what we believe Joyce will do to her home in upcoming Seasons of Stranger Things.


1. Joyce runs the faucets, day and night, and now there's a foot of standing water - they can't get to us when we're in water

2. Joyce snips every goddamn electrical wire she can find

3. Joyce commands everybody use the bathroom wherever they want, the scent keeps the beasts away

4. Joyce knocks down every load bearing wall, can't you see us having support is exactly what they want

5. Joyce doesn't pay the utilities to keep "one step ahead"

6. Joyce scatters her Homeowner's Insurance across the lawn for compost

7. Joyce straight up lets a bunch of fucking bats loose in the house

8. Joyce goes on vacation and you know the notes you leave for the sitter that people put on the fridge? She puts those on every fucking thing in the house

9. Joyce rips out all the fiberglass insulation and commands everyone live in the space in between the walls

10. Joyce hangs a bunch of spoons from the ceiling, and puts a bunch of forks on the ground. And don't you see, knives are placed on tables and medium level surfaces

11. Joyce turns the living room into a ballpit, so she can hear Will through the balls

12. Joyce fills her mailbox with cement in a montage set to Asia's "Only Time Will Tell"

13. Joyce grants squatters permanent residence in her home

14. A realtor informs Joyce the market price of her home has plummeted

15. Joyce ties all the shoes together in the house and arranges them in a line and no one in this house is allowed to walk unless its on top of the line of shoes, do you hear me?

16. Joyce staples welcome mats all over the wall

17. Joyce covers her home with wind chimes because this season Demogorgons are nearby when there's a breeze indoors

18. Joyce sets her house on fucking fire, yeah who's laughing now

19. Joyce makes the garage the house, and the house the garage

20. Joyce creates thousands of paper snowflakes and continuously throws them into the air - we must simulate snowing

21. Joyce buys an RV and then drives the RV into her house - two houses in one, they won't be able to find us

22. Joyce shoots all the electrical outlets with a gun

23. Joyce hot glue guns fruit to all the furniture, don't ask me why you just. have. to. trust. me.

24. Joyce covers the entire house in Twister boards and, listen up, everybody is only allowed to touch the yellow spotsĀ 

Comment which ways YOU think Joyce will decimate her living space!