Behold, it is the 13 perfect tweets bestowed upon us by the Humor Gods themselves. Let us cherish and worship these divine laugh blurbs.

1. This tweet says it all.

2. We are all rich and overwhelmed by dollars.

3. Sarah, c'mon. You should know by now. 

4. They are but the shoes we are born with.

5. Harsh.

6. "Oh that? Yeah that's cuz 'ass' is a funny word."

7. Nope, just weird cream?

8. This is oddly accurate.

9. Pump n Munch any day of the week.

10. Too real, Spongebob meme. Too real.

11. Yeah like, the finest of trash. Trash royalty, if you will.

12. Thoughts and prayers.

13. Well played, KFC.