Have you ever experienced that uncanny hunch that something just isn't quite right?

You can't explain how or why you know it, but you can't shake the eerie feeling that you're in a situation that might be dangerous, or you sense someone else might be in danger themselves. 

These people over at /r/AskReddit know the feeling all too well, and the stories they have will send a chill down your spine. 


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1. TangoFoxtrotSierra feels uncomfortable flying:

Airline pilot here! (warning, do not continue reading if flying makes you uneasy).

One day we loaded up passengers and cargo and everything and we were ready to taxi. I noticed that the nose of the airplane seemed to be higher up than usual while we were sitting on the ground.

I told my first officer about it and he agreed. We double checked the weight and balance and everything seemed to be right.

I decided to just taxi out towards the runway and see if the wheel struts would go back to their normal positions during taxi. They didn't. Still felt weird to me. Something wasn't right.

I told ground control we needed to go back to the gate. Called ops and told them we're headed back because I think something isn't right with the weight and balance.

After we get back, I ask them to check how much ballast we have in the aircraft. It's verified on my sheet as 500lb, but I have a feeling...

Turns out, yep, they forgot to put it in the plane. So had we taken off, the center of gravity would have been out of whack - waaay past limits. It could have resulted in an airplane that was impossible to control. Just like that 747 that took off and had the load slide to the back.

That was a day that I was really pleased that I had so much experience flying to give me that feeling & that feeling could very well have saved my life along with others.

2. bipbopbipbopbap evades the Candy Man:

This happened almost 30 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was probably 8 or 9 at the time and had been at the store buying candy for the weekend with the girl from next door, she was one year younger than me. A car stopped and the man inside opened the passenger door and asked me and my friend to get in the car. He was picking us up for our parents, he told us.

I could not shake the feeling that something was wrong and remember thinking "this is what my parents were talking about!". I grabbed my friends hand, said that we lived in that house "right over there" and pulled my friend with me. Went to their door, rang the bell, went straight in and told the people living there what had happened.

Turned out I was right, we were about to be kidnapped.

3. MicMcKee's grandparents literally live in Final Destination:

My grandparents were driving up a steep mountain road behind a logging truck, when my grandmother started having a mild panic attack.

She just kept saying "somethings not right, pull over. We need to pull over" so my grandpa did and settled her down.

After a few minutes she was fine and they kept driving.

A mile or two up the road the load of trees had come loose and spilled off the truck.

4. phridoo meets a long lost relative: 

A guy came to the door one day, looking for my mom. I was probably 13 at the time. Immediately, I had most of my body behind the door, ready to shut it. I just had this awful feeling about him. He said he hadn't seen her in a long time, and that he was just coming from church and was in the neighborhood. Ok, so this guy is trying to communicate that he's a good person, and that and his weird smile just made me trust him less. I told him my mom was napping. She wasn't. She was at work. So, he left a note for her with his name and number on it. I took it & closed & locked the door. Then I looked at the note & immediately recognized the name. It was my uncle. I hadn't seen him since I was 5, when he went to jail for murdering my aunt and cousin.

EDIT: He was never charged with the murder of my cousin, who he killed by inducing heart failure by forcing him to do a bunch of cocaine. It was argued that he did it willingly, & he already had heart problems. He was 13 at the time, and wheelchair bound because of cerebral palsy.

As for my aunt, I don't remember the particulars, except that he argued that she was trying to kill herself and he was trying to get the gun away from her when it went off. Unlikely, since she was shot in the top of her head. Either way, I don't think there was enough evidence to convict for murder, so I think he was convicted on a lesser charge. That and good behavior got him out, at which point he started stalking his daughter. I fell out of touch with her, but I hope he was charged for that.


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5. ihatemakingthese69 probably doesn't like camping anymore:

Not mine but my grandma's.

We went camping at this one spot in the woods by a small creek every summer. One summer she gets this bad feeling and make a us pack up and we leave. Couple days later they end up finding a dead body right near our then campsite

6. Stooby2 goes rock climbing:

Went for a weekend away with a group from my local Scouting area, back in the 80's. I didn't know them all, went to make up the numbers and get some climbing / canoeing / caving done.

We stayed in a rented house in the Peak District (UK). One evening, a few guys went out to try "bouldering" - climbing boulders 10-15 metres high. I got there, took one look and said no, we have no climbing gear, that's high enough to die falling from.

I got the mickey taken, "chicken", etc, so I left them to it and walked back. An hour later one guy fell 10 metres and split his skull open on the rocks below, killed instantly.

7. Z_witha_ZED senses a couple of thieves: 

I was at a party when I was in college when two older dudes showed up. The place was packed and most people were drunk. I noticed something was a off about them. They never smiled and weren't really talking to anyone. Finally someone accused them of feeling around in their back pocket and it turned out they were lifting wallets from drunk college kids. Once confronted, one of the guys stabbed the kid in the stomach with a smallish knife. They left slowly and were never caught. It was pretty surreal. The kid who got stabbed turned out fine.

8. christian_bales_mole has a horse-lovin' sister: 

My sister was 18 years old and bought a horse from a guy who was married and 47. My parents liked the guy and became friends with him and his wife. I knew something was up because he and my sister would talk constantly on the phone. My mom actually asked his wife if that was cool and she said it was totally fine and he did this a lot with other kids who needed "horse advice."


My parents wanted to send my sister to stay with this guy for a whole summer so she could ride and show horses. I told them the relationship was clearly inappropriate and not to do it. They were like, if the wife doesn't mind then who cares?!?

Within two months he had left his wife. Within four months they were engaged. Four months after that they got married, and one week after that my sister was pregnant.

This guy has had many parents accuse him of being a pedophile and coming on to their under age daughters. His own son has nothing to do with him. And he's not even good looking or rich. Just a gross, hideous hillbilly with leather for skin and three teeth.

Good job, baby sis.

9. KIMD0TC0M witnesses a tragedy unfold: 

2 years ago, I was on my way back home on my bike. I had to go over a bridge and on one side of the bridge, there was a girl, crying. On the bridge, two 14 year olds (one pretty tall, one pretty small), head to head, seemingly about to get into a fight. When I went by, they stood back. I thoutht something was off, but I told myself fighting among 14 year olds over what I thought was a girlfriend, is normal and not dangerous, right?

Turns out, the taller one of the boys jumped off the bridge to commit suicide only minutes after I passed, the smaller one couldn't physically hold him back.

Had I stopped, listened to my gut feeling, I might have been able to help and talk him out of it.

Edit: Wow this got a lot of attention.... Some more info then: the kid was bullied and the girl and the other boy were his only friends. Bad family situation too. So he told his friends that he wanted to end it, they came to talk him out of it. They also called the cops and told them to come with sirens off. His friends managed to get him off the bridge. But then the cops arrived with sirens blarring, he ran from his friends and dived head first off the bridge. I do not have any issues with what happened, I don't see myself at fault. But sometimes, I do think "What if...?"


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10. ReallyNotRoot goes for a motorcycle ride: 

It was 130am, raining, I was riding my motorcycle down a 4 lane road(2 lanes each direction with a middle turn lane). I saw a car approach a stop sign, perpendicular to me, in the parking lot of a bar and though to myself "he's going to turn left in front of me". I was going 45mph, let off the throttle and about 200-250ft from him, he did exactly what I thought he was going to do. Grabbed my front and rear brakes, back tire locked up and kicked out to the left. I had maybe 40-50 feet in which I would either high-side in front of the car and likely be ran over, slam into the driver door or rear driver door or jump off to the right in a tuck and roll fashion. I jumped and my motorcycle slammed into the rear driver side of his car. I had a couple scratches, bruises and a sore tailbone. But I wasn't ran over or hanging out in his back seat via glass window.

Thank God for spidey senses.

11. nudg3 decides not to party: 

Not so much something very wrong here but a bunch of my friends wanted to go to this party when I was like 20. I was just sort of like "idk I really don't wanna go to this place with these people". Turns out 2 of my friends got into an argument with people who lived there, got kicked out, were super hammered and drove home angry. Car flipped 3 or 4 times wrecked about another 4 cars. My one friend leaves with a small concussion the other leaves with like 8 broken bones and walking therapy for about 2 years. Best part is the emergency responders said if anyone was in the back seat they would be dead. That's where I would have been sitting.

TLDR: Skipped out on a party and didn't die in a terrible drunken car crash


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12. MrCarlEdwardSagan's mom has a hunch:

My mom had one. I was there with my brother but we didn't believe her at the time.

3 years ago, my brother, my sister and I were supposed to meet at moms place for dinner at 7. My mom and sister are very close; her being the first born, the only girl and us being a Lebanese family. Anyways, they talk through out the day quite a bit, daily. Around 6:30pm, my sister is not answering phone calls or texts. My brother and I think she's asleep or just doing whatever and it's nothing to worry about. By 7:15, still nothing from my sister and my Mom at this point is pretty much saying "Something is wrong here, I can just feel it." We still don't believe her but it's not her style to worry and she is really now worrying. I call up her now ex-husband who was at a conference saying we haven't heard from my sister. It turns out neither has he. I asked if he knew her iTunes credentials so I could track her phone. Turns out she was at home. We called a friend, sent someone knocking at her door and no answer.

My mom started driving there and made the decision that we need to break into the house. She texted her friends to kick the door down. They did and found my sister unconscious. She had a major stroke, and a concussion.

The aftermath was very, very difficult. I won't write a novel and be brief. Major stroke, concussion and required open heart surgery. Was told she may never talk and would likely be a vegetable and if we actually wanted to proceed with the surgeries. We did. She's alive, she talks, she can walk with a cane and will at some point, walk without a cane. She lost everything on the left side of her body. The only part of her that may never come back is her left arm.

13. arcamdies has a badass Granny:

We had a serial killer in SC a couple years ago. No one knew what he looked like yet but he had already killed 3 people at this point. Well, my granny has lived alone since my pawpaw passed about 15 years ago. She lives at the end of a long dirt road with about 10 other families but the closest one was about a 1/4 mile up the road. One afternoon some random guy comes knocking on the front door of her house. My granny is a practical woman, she has never been to school because she grew up on a farm and was expectef to pull her weight, but she is a smart woman. She goes to the door but doesn't open it (glass door). The 40ish year old man is there asking if he can use the phone since his car broke down, granny doesn't like the look of this guy. If he doesn't live here there is no reason for him to be on this road and if he was visiting someone their house or anyone else's house would have been closer since she lives on a dead end. Anyways, she tells him that no he can't use the phone and needs to leave. She backs up and picks up my pawpaw's 410 as she goes. Once he sees the shotgun he hightails it out of there. About a week later the cops finally catch the serial killer and low and behold if it isn't the same damn man.

14. 1standten eats his words. 

I work at a psych hospital. I was in the cafe with an adult unit and the adolscent unit was also there. I had known one of the kids from when she was on the childrens and normally we had a good rapport. I went to say Hi and told her I was proud she had been staying out of trouble, a few of the other girls reacted weirdly to me saying it and the girl looked guilty. I told the staff on the unit and said they should keep an extra eye on the girls because I had bad vibes about it. The staff kinda brushed me off. A half hour later 4 girls (including the one I knew) literally almost killed the two staff, one got her head bashed in and suffered brain trauma and the other staff was blinded in one eye.

15. Forgive_My_Cowardice makes us terrified of shipping docks:

A former co-worker, Jason, told me this story. Jason was working at a dock in China that looked something like this,


and unloaded shipping containers from huge international cargo ships. A typhoon had just passed, and many of the inbound ships had been delayed for days due to the extreme weather. Once the weather cleared, there was a backlog of ships waiting to be docked and unloaded. To make matters worse, a tropical depression had just been upgraded to a tropical storm, and was expected to make landfall within 48 hours.

It was organized chaos as the dock workers frantically tried to unload three times the volume of shipping containers in half the time. Jason was a Senior Cargo Agent, and his job was to verify that the information on the offloaded shipping containers matched the information on the manifest, and to visually inspect shipping containers for damage. A cargo agent had to sign off on all cargo before an unloaded ship could disembark. As there were a limited number of spaces for ships to dock, it was crucial that the cargo agents verify the unloaded shipments as quickly as possible so that another ship could dock immediately.

Everyone at the dock had walkie talkieies (hand-held portable two-way radios), and Jason heard Dock Manager 1 going absolutely apeshit because an unloaded ship had been waiting in the dock for nearly two hours, and no cargo agent had verified their delivery. Jason radioed Cargo Agent 1 assigned to that area, but there was no answer. He then radioed Cargo Agent 2, and still received no response. He then radioed the next closest Senior Cargo Agent 1 and asked him to drop everything and verify the cargo immediately.After thirty minutes, Dock Manager 2 radioed that the ship was STILL docked. Jason then radioed Senior Cargo Agent 1 who he had sent over there, and did not receive a response. He then radioed Dock Manager 1 who had been screaming into the radio, and again received no response. Jason was now the only Senior Cargo Agent in the area, and it now fell to him to verify the unloaded shipment and get the delayed ship out of port ASAP. As he got into his truck to drive over, a nagging feeling of dread kept telling him not to go. He ignored the feeling and drove there anyway, all the while trying and failing to radio anyone else in the area. When he arrived at the unloading zone, he couldn't bring himself to get out of the truck, and later said that it felt as if he was being physically pushed back into his seat.

Jason then picked up his radio with a shaking hand and broadcast, "Unknown threat near unloading section four. All workers evacuate immediately. This is not a drill." And just like that, a multi-billion dollar port was shut down.

A HazMat team was soon dispatched, and found that a shipping container damaged in transit had been carrying heavier than air inert gas. The gas leaked and displaced the air, then became trapped between several rows of closely stacked shipping containers. Every person that approached immediately lost consciousness. Five people were found dead near the damaged container, and Jason was later fired because he did not actually have the authority to shut down the port.

Jason filed the Chinese equivalent of a wrongful termination lawsuit, but was strongly encouraged to settle, or else the Chinese government might find him partially responsible for the workers' deaths. As a white foreigner in China, this was a very real possibility, and he ended up settling for a modest amount. Jason still blames himself for the death of Senior Cargo Agent 1, and gave the settlement amount to the man's widow.