1. LAST YEAR: Arthur's fist. THIS YEAR: The fact that Arthur's glasses don't make any sense.

2. Okay, these kids are destined for a lifetime of amazing Halloween costumes, I can feel it.

3. One question: can the rat inside your hat cook King Size Snickers bars?

4. "Idiot Sandwich" costume requires the two of them to remain in this position for the entire night, but it's totally worth it.

5. Well, at least the two characters who are constantly getting high are the adults.

6. "Leonardo DiCaprio running joyfully with a super-soaker" is one of the most delightful memes and I appreciate this to no end

7. Ultimate couples' costume


9. Chris attempted to make the worst, most insufferably annoying costume possible: Joker Austin Powers. He succeeded.

10. The multi-year costume gambit is a bold one, but you HAVE to respect it.

11. Always smart to have costumes that only work from certain points of view, but this is still spectacular.

12. Not gonna lie - for a few seconds I was like "Did Britney Spears dress up as herself?"

13. It's the Emoji Sheriff...

...also known as "the Sheriff of suckin u off"

14. These Hidden Figures costumes really put my "Sexy Manchester by the Sea" costume to shame


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15. Kel's legacy lives on.

16. Please tell me his first word was "schwing"

17. It's a LITTLE bit cheating to have a hole cut out for your face, but I'll allow it.


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18. Great Halloween costumes require dedication.

19. I'm sorry, but that face is absolutely beautiful and I won't hear anything to the contrary.


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20. Okay, I can't resist a good pun costume - "PINK FREUD"


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