You know exactly who we're talking about: that weird kid who sits in the back of the classroom huffing Elmer's glue even though it won't get him high.

He's a real grade A moron, but more than that, he's just straight up annoying and everyone knew it.

If you didn't know one of those kids in school, then sorry bud, you ARE that kid. 


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1. xLemonPhantomx

We had a guy at my high school who thought it would be a brilliant idea to smoke weed at the back of the school bus. His plan failed because: A) There are cameras in the back of the bus; B) You could smell it; and C) He didn't open any windows, so clearly the smoke was visible.

2. RamsesThePigeon

Back in high school, I was casually acquainted with a guy who was a self-proclaimed "drug-head," despite having never partaken of anything stronger than an Advil. He used to make a big deal about how high, drunk, or generally "messed up" he'd get on a daily basis, usually in between bouts of scrawling "420 4 lyfe" on his school supplies.

One day, as a prank, one of my other friends gave the kid in question a bag of "grass."

After first looking genuinely shocked and then unbelievably (in the literal sense) excited, the would-be pothead disappeared with his "drugs" for about five minutes... and when he came back, he was speaking in a high falsetto and acting like the world had suddenly transformed into a pinball machine.

"Oh, man!" he shrieked, flopping down on a bench. "That stuff got me so fucked up, you guys!"

"Yeah, I'm sure it did," someone replied.

"I'm so fucked up, you don't even know!"

This continued for another five minutes or so, by which point we'd all gotten sick of his antics.

"Dude," said the guy who had originally offered forth the bag full of plant matter, "I only gave you grass."

"Yeah, I know! It got me so fucked up!"

"No, I mean, it was grass. Lawn clippings."

The alleged stoner's eyes suddenly went wide as the truth of his situation dawned on him... but rather than confess to the act and keep some of his pride intact, he decided to double down on the situation:

"Well, I don't know what kind of weird pesticide is on your lawn, man, but that shit got me so fucked up! You don't even know!"

Still another handful of minutes passed, during which time the kid "came down" from his "high." It was the sort of scenario for which he should have received a lot of teasing... but I think everyone was afraid that he'd start doing that squeaky voice again.

TL;DR: A casual acquaintance smoked the lawn and turned into Mickey Mouse.


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3. ontrack:

Called in a bomb threat at the school using his own cell phone while sitting in class. He was arrested within an hour.

4. FaceyBits:

Climbed into the ceiling panel, left a signed note saying "if you are reading this then you shouldn't be because it's in the ceiling and you shouldn't be here", then fell out and smacked his head on the locker and had to go to hospital.

5. Gamecaase:

Sprayed axe deodorant directly into, what we thought, was a smoke detector. Thinking it wouldn't cause anything, he was rather smug about how little a fuck he gave, until an alarm we never heard before went off. Turns out it was some sort of sensor that goes off when oxygen is displaced to dangerous levels by not oxygen. Because of the nature of the alarm, even though it was "false" the school needed to have a company come in and verify that there wasn't a carbon monoxide situation. Many teachers, and the principal had no idea such an alarm even existed in our school.

6. LuminousLoon

Doused his jeans in gasoline, then lit them on fire. While he was wearing them. Apparently he jumped over a fence into a pool but it was too late, 3rd degree burns and we didn't see him for the remainder of high school.

7. peezle69:

Spray painted her hair blue.

Like, actual spray paint.


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8. PackieKnowsBest:

Tried to fight a kid from special education and got his ass beat... windmill style.

9. Anjodu:

I can think of two:

During middle school, one odd kid apparently thought he could sneakily masturbate under his desk in the middle of class. Teacher noticed not long after, it was a little awkward for her.

During high school, a different idiot kid decided to do his own senior prank by putting a can of pepper spray in the schools ventilation system. The pepper spray ended up being spread throughout most of the schools main buildings, we had to be evacuated and some people had to get medical attention.

10. BigWeenus

Some kid a year older than me brought his dad's .22 rifle into the school parking lot to show his friends, was looking at it, pulled the trigger and literally shot himself in the foot. Tried to say that he stepped on a nail in shop class but he went to the doctor and the doc was like, "yeah, no that is definitely a bullet hole." Dude got suspended and mows graveyards for a living now.

11. SplintPunchbeef:

He ate some of the organs from a dissected frog and then puked on himself.

12. SalemScout

He made a stencil of his very "unique", self designed tattoo. Then spray painted said tattoo stencil on the front of the school building, along with some other graffiti for good measure.

Then he went to the administration and claimed that someone "saw his tattoo on facebook, made a stencil from it and was trying to frame him."

No one bought it. No one is that dumb. He was suspended, two days before his graduation.

13. bamapiston:

there was a guy that used to eat quarters if he could keep the quarters also he once knocked himself out with a medicine ball for 20 dollars


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14. Rubychest:

She brought a Canary to school and hid it in her desk. It died during recess.

15. asdlpg:

Two things (in high school):

  • ordered a pizza during lunch break and tried to smoke it.
  • forgot his homework at home for five days (monday to friday) in a row. On friday, the teacher told him that he had enough and that the student had to fetch his homework. Although the student lived just 20 minutes away from school, he took nearly two hours to get back, right during recess. He went to the teacher, who happened to be on the schoolyard, and the teacher asked him:"Do you have it?" and then the student said:"No, on the way home, I forgot why you send me home.". This made him a legend.