Holy sh*t, some of these minor annoyances are actually majorly aggrevating. But if nothing else, hopefully you can find comfort knowing others share your annoyances and would TOTALLY ban them if they had the power.

1. gjbbb -- $4 to 'handle' imaginary tickets.

Ticketmaster outrageous charges.

2. Gabriel_Logan_ -- see above.

Unknown fees added right before you pay.

3. Urine_van_der_Sloot -- I always feel like they KNOW their prices suck when they do this move.

Restaurants/bars not listing the price of alcoholic beverages on the menu.

4. codexofthemoon -- popups of all kinds suck.

Ads that ask you to subscribe to some sort of newsletter within 5 seconds of viewing a webpage. Why would I subscribe to a site that does that? I can't even see the content I'm subscribing to, the ad is blocking the whole fucking page.

5. BigDaddyTy -- they hold so much power over our meme-viewing.

Internet service providers being able to throttle your internet, when it goes slow they flip a couple of switches and all of a sudden you're back to a proper speed only to realize a week later you're back where you started.

6. Rosalind4744 -- yeah this is a confusing one.

Why do I have to pay extra to pay my bills online?? Just let me pay my bills!!

7. 800oz_gorilla -- literally could be $50 or $500.

How much is this medical procedure going to cost me?

Well we don't really know, but you're obligated to pay all of whatever we decide it to be.

8. justingolden21 -- The tip-off is the 3 second delay before someone talks.

Spam calls. Complete bullshit. My grandma gets about 30 a day and she can't even trust whoever calls her. Such a fucking waste of time. Fucking assholes

9. asillynert -- yeaaaaah, this one is shady as hell.

Selling customers information

10. PrideandTentacles -- have an ounce of tolerance, please.

No tolerance policies in schools, I fell short of them as a child and now as a teacher I still disagree with them.

11. I-Am-Gaynadian -- fuck these commercials for making me scramble for my remote.

Ads that suddenly get loud for no reason.

12. EpicTrev -- also, place who put the sticker in an important visible spot...why?

Those stickers that when you try to peel it off it leaves most of it stuck on.

13. floormat1000 -- tricky tricky tricky

free trials that don't cancel after the trial is up, but start charging your card since you forgot about it

14. numbah19 -- you've been called out, online pet supply shops.

Commercials with ringing doorbells. Especially from online pet supply shops, who should damn well know better.

15. b8le -- less and less mail is legitimate these days.

Junk mail

Especially when it's not even addressed to you, just 'Our Neighbor" or 'To our friends at'.

16. PierceMatau -- yeah, and then making a career out of it. Bizarre.

Paparazzi! it's literally legal stalking. like following people around and taking pictures without their consent? how is that okay?