It might seem weird to imagine your favorite celeb shopping for normal stuff at Walmart or doing other regular stuff us mere peasants are required to do on a daily basis, but in reality, they're out there doing this stuff every day too. Here's a handful of times people saw celebrities in the most mundane of places. 

1. c--dubbs -- this person expected James Franco to not be a jerk for some reason.

James Franco had just left the cafe I worked at right when I walked in to get my paycheck. I left my dog tied up outside at a bench by a fence and came back out to see him petting her! He was a nice guy, I was really surprised.

2. mattricide -- The man can navigate The Matrix and kill a million dudes as John Wick, but can't catch a Gatorade irl. Letdown.

Met keanu Reeves at a bodega in the West village (this was around that sad keanu/meme of him eating a sandwich on that bench time). He was tossing the Gatorade he was going to buy and dropped it and picked it up. Didn't pay much attention until then which is when he got in line behind us (me and the people I was with at the time). I turned to my friend and said "fuck, this guy looks just like keanu Reeves" and he's like "Yea, cuz that's keanu Reeves". Keanu says "hey, how's it going".

Fun times. Also did not know keanu was that tall until then.

3. had98c -- With a name like Harrison Ford, he really should have his own car dealership. 

Ran into Harrison Ford at a car dealership in Pocatello, Idaho back in the early 90s.

4. kellythebelly -- "wooow"

Was at an arcade-themed bar in Atlanta a little buzzed already when I looked to my left and saw Owen Wilson frustrated at a pinball machine. Didn't register automatically with me who he was until a (doofus) friend of mine attempted to get a selfie with him without asking first. Owen Wilson was, understandably, annoyed at this. Sorry Owen Wilson.

5. BubbaGump4192 -- Jury Duty with Steve Carrell should be a show. 

Served jury duty with Steve Carrell. He was great. Talked to him for a little bit while waiting outside a courtroom. The thing that sucked was when we went to lunch I saw papparazi chasing him as he tried to get something to eat. Just wanted to be a normal guy doing his civic duty.

6. ignignokt-_-  -- I wanna hang out with Dave Chappelle at a bonfire :/

I drove Dave Chappelle's Lexus SUV back to a bonfire we were having just outside Yellow Springs once. It was around '99, and his 100 disk changer was the best thing ever. He said, "We can use my car for music, but I ain't tryin' to drive that motherfucker back here." I volunteered immediately. Nice guy. Would do again.

7. Gogosfx -- He was the star of 'Spanglish' after all. 

My grandma met Adam Sandler in an elevator in Mexico. She didn't speak English but Adam was kind enough to try and speak Spanish with her. She was delighted, she loves his movies.

8. Tricombed -- It's a little creepy how much we can find out about celebs.

I showed Robin Williams a spotting scope when I worked at REI in high school. 

I knew where his house was because a friend had shown me, it was looking out over the San Francisco Bay, so I told him that he would need something more powerful to see across the portion of the bay he was on, and that we didn't carry that in the store. 

Didn't realize how creepy I probably sounded till he was waking away.

9. PoorEdgarDerby -- That author probably hangs around bookstores all day dropping that line. 

This was around 2005/2006, when I was working in a sandwich place in college.

Anyway, somebody had left a copy of The Davinci Code on a table and we kept it on the back counter in case they came back for it. This was right when It was becoming huge, well before the movie. 

This one guy had been in a couple times that week. So he comes up to order and sees the book and points saying "Hey, that's my book." 

I, being very helpful and good replied "Oh, would you like it back?"

He just smiled and said no thanks and left with his food. I just thought he was a big ole weirdo. Didn't see him again. 

Quite literally a week later I happened to open my roommate's copy of the book and saw the author photo. 

Could make a nice little TIFU: 

I accidentally trying to give a famous author's book right back to him.

10. captainyeahwhatever -- he eats popcorn just like the rest of us!  

Elijah Wood came into the theater I work at to watch a movie once. It was a little weird how normal it was to serve him

11. panascope -- sounds very Fred Armison-y 

Fred Armison glared at me for blocking his way on the sidewalk near a bar while he was riding an adult-sized trike into a Portlandia set.

12. rockenrole -- of course Chuck Norris was hanging at a hardware store. 

chuck norris. lowe's hardware store. I didn't bother him, but he was in check-out line. some dude started filming him on his phone & like whispering commentary into his phone. chuck norris was clearly irritated, but didn't say anything to the guy directly.

13. valeristark -- for some reason it feels weird to imagine Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie eating Sonic. 

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came through my drive thru at Sonic about 7 years ago. Transaction was completely normal except they were REALLY smiley. I finally actually looked at them and said, "Anyone ever tell you.... Wait. You ARE them aren't you?!" They nodded, told me to have a nice day, and pulled away. I think they were relieved that it wasn't a big scene.

14. AvengingDrake78 -- but for real, I would hate to have to share an armrest with The Rock's buff as hell forearms. 

My dad is just chilling in an airport, waiting for his flight back home from work in Houston. He sits down in his seat, and this big dude sits down next to him. Turns to look at the guy, (my dad was looking out the window as the guy sat down), and the guy was actually Dwayne Johnson. He had just finished up work in Houston and he was on his way to New york i believe. My dad was friends in college with this guy named Mike who went on to be a referee in a lot of WWE matches. Dwayne knew him and they actually got to know each other. I have his autograph on my wall right now.

15. GenesisLemons -- Jamie Foxx seems like a very cool dude. 

I ran into Jamie Foxx at a Wal-Mart in Green Valley, Arizona on Thanksgiving Day, 2010. I asked as discretely as possible if I could shake his hand, and he was cool. He got swarmed shortly thereafter and left. Funny part- I was a Mormon Missionary at the time. White shirt, tie, name tag and everything haha. My companion at that time happened to be black, and when Jamie saw him, he said, "Oh shit, they got a brother." Pretty hilarious for us haha

16. KraziKev -- this must happen any time Paul McCartney goes anywhere or does anything. 

25 years ago I drove a cab while in college. Picked up Paul McCartney. It was near my mother's birthday and I called her and he sung her happy birthday. 

Edit: He got in the cab and asked to be taken to the stadium. (he was doing a show there that night) I'm looking at him going I know this guy (I was 23 at the time, never expected a celeb in my cab in Cincinnati). When I realized who he was, I asked to be sure, and he laughed. I mentioned my mom was a huge fan and asked him if he would do it. He asked which birthday song I wanted him to sing his or the other one. I chose the other one. 

I had a Bag phone in the car, I think it might have cost me a small fortune for that call but totally worth it. If only I had had a modern phone for the camera.

17. chlowoah -- probably the last place a celeb wants to run into a fan. 

This past weekend I was in a movie theatre in Nashville and walked past Emma Roberts and Evan Peters from American horror story as my movie got out. She used the bathroom with me and I had to awkwardly hold the door for her and then proceeded to have a panic attack in the stall next to her. I'm a fan haha

18. zeroshits -- pretty sure you can afford it, Mr. Downey Jr. 

Random convenience store in Hawaii, Robert Downey Jr walks up next to me while I'm looking at drinks in a cooler and asks me something like"how do you know how much everything is?" because there were no prices on the racks. It was about 10 seconds after I said "I guess you just take it up to the register" that everything about that whole scenario finished processing, then I had absolutely no clue what to do.

19. Csonkus41 -- It feels like there are stories here that aren't being told. 

Met Kirsten Dunst at a house party. Ran into (literally) Dikembe Mutombo at a Toys 'R' Us.

20. nrohgnol67 -- Oh damn, I would have the same fear. 

I went to see The Hateful 8 on Christmas Day at the Del Amo mall in Torrance. Quentin apparently grew up in the area and made an impromptu appearance in the theater to watch with us. Got to shake his hand and hear his comments on the film as he sat in the seat directly behind me. Terrified some alarm on my phone would go off or something

21. dustinator -- "Ever heard the phrase 'can I buy a vowel?' I'M THE GODDAMN VOWEL SALESMAN." 

I watched Pat Sajak throw a fit in a chili's in northern Virginia several years back. He even asked the waitress if she knew who he was. The whole thing was very strange.