Death, demise, passing. The thought of one's end is something that keeps a ton of people up at night in an cold anxious sweat. 

And, holy shit, as if the concept of dying isn't enough to give you an existential crisis, here's 15 more reasons to fear your impending expiration date. 

We're not sure who the sadistic motherfuckers are over at /r/AskReddit, but we applaud their depravity.


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1. ThatDamnBum gives us a reason to fear ants.

I tried to find more info but I couldnt remember the specific species but I heard about these ants in South America that are attracted to alcohol. Multiple people a year die because they pass out drunk and these ants swarm their lungs and they suffocate. Essentially they drown. In ants.


In ants.

Fuck all that.

2. Blast000 is feels the walls closing in. 

Being locked in a room, while the walls are slowly, like really fucking slowly closing in on you. When the walls eventually do crush you, you feel the immense pressure being put on your body and your bones cracking. Just imagine being in this room waiting for the walls to eventually kill you. 

3. Ocean_Snipe7 dives deep into some psychological fear. 

Lost underwater in cavernous tunnels. No light, slowly running out of oxygen, and not knowing how to get out. Bonus points if it's a tight squeeze.


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4. RizzMustbolt is in pieces. 

Feet first into a wood chipper.

5. TopHatJohn hopes he never goes rabid.

Rabies. You suddenly can't drink water. You get physically ill if you think about drinking water. You dehydrate and go insane until you go into a coma and di

6. thehonestyfish is out of this world. 

Floating in space, 5 inches from safety but unable to ever reach it.

7. CrackPipeQueen is overbearing

Being mauled by a bear. They're not very good at killing you before they start eating you

8. Fandorin makes us feel claustrophobic. 

Being trapped in a narrow passage, unable to move. A cave, a chimney, or any confined space. You'll live for a long while if there's enough air, knowing that there's no getting out.

This comes to mind. And the most horrible part is that this is kinda common.


9. SerGeffrey has a twisted mind. 

being kidnapped for ransom when you have a really bad cold, and your captor duct tapes your mouth shut, but you can't breathe through your nose so you suffocate

10. MarsNirgal is crushed. 

Buried alive in a collapsed building.

11. weirdshtlikethat goes out to sea. 

Drifting in the middle of the ocean. No food. No water. No anything. Just you alone with your thoughts until you're either eaten by a shark or you die of dehydration.

12. TEDHARDYLEEN gets existential.

dying after realising that you had a chance and did absolutely nothing with your life


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13. Freeiheit is free! Free fallin'!

Plane crash. You can see it coming but can't stop it

14. Eduardoelote wonders what it's like to be a human lobster. 

I heard that boiled is one of the worst way to die, imagine the floating skin

15. Q_and_C has the ultimate answer. 

Being scared to death.


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