Everyone on planet Earth knows how much Owen Wilson likes saying "wow".

Mr. Wilson's favorite exclamation can be found left and right on YouTube these days in, increasingly, the most unexpected places. Watch the power of Wow make all of these videos much more entertaining. Wow!

1. John Wick But Every Gunshot is Owen Wilson Saying Wow

If Owen Wilson's Wows killed, he be serving 800 life sentences right now.

2. Owen Wilson Saying Wow in Reverse

Weirdly it sounds a lot like "Paul is Dead".

3. Owen Wilson as a desert rain frog


4. Folks, if you love Owen Wilson Wows when he has a normal face,


5. A Wow-Off between The King and Chris Pratt

Bend the knee, Pratt.

6. Every Owen Wilson Wow at Once

As beautiful as a symphony.

7. Star Wars But Every Lightsaber Sound Replaced with Owen Wilson Wows

I can see George Lucas remastering again to make this canon.

8. Beck's - Wow (Owen Wilson Remix)

I mean this one's just too easy.

9. ShamWOW ft. Owen Wilson

No "Wow" is safe from getting Owen Wilson-fied.

10. Indiana Jones But the Whip Is Owen Wilson Saying Wow

Better than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

11. Bulls on Parade But It's Owen Wilson Saying Wow

Sorry, Tom Morello you're out of the job. We found a new guy to take your place.

12. And finally, a Wow-less, but nonetheless very important: IT with Owen Wilson as Pennywise

Scarier than any clown.