Most of the time, things work pretty much as expected, but sometimes the stars align for just a moment and deliver you a random miracle. These 14 people took a total shot in the dark and were totally surprised by their outcomes.

1. RedditforLent -- for that amount of effort, I'm glad it panned out.

Used an electric palm sander to clean the soap scum out of my tub. Put a sponge right on the bottom and turned that bad boy on.

I thought my tub was just naturally eggshell color, nope. It's pure white.

2. Private_Pyjak -- apparently this is a thing. Who knew?

Had the infamous "red rings of death" for an old xbox 360 at one point. Called up a buddy, he told me to turn it off, hold it about a foot and a half above the floor, and just drop it. I figured that I couldn't make it much worse, so I dropped it. Worked perfectly ever since.

3. LokisJoke -- drunk people are easier to dupe than others.

Halloween party during college and everyone is starting to pass out except this very inebriated girl who just won't shut up about wanting someone to turn off the light. I pulled the sleeping bag over her face and said "click". She said "thank you" and went to sleep. My friend and I looked at each other amazing that it actually worked.

4. boltactionmike -- I wouldn't want to let the bird go. 

One time a bird got caught in our chimney and while me and my roommate discussing how to get it out he suggested we stick our hand up there and the bird will just land on our finger. I laughed at him and said it would never work.... within 30 seconds he was walking to the door with a bird perched on his pointer finger.

5. batty3108 -- this is genius.

In school, I belatedly realised I had an essay due the next day, which I simply didn't have the time to do.

What I did have time to do was write slightly more than a page. I then printed only the first, full page, and handed this in, inside a plastic wallet. I then finished the essay at home that night.

So, the next day, when my teacher grabs me in the corridor and says "You realise you only have me the first page of your essay, right?", I was able to say "Oh, shoot, the rest must have fallen out or something. I'll go print it out right now and bring it to your office."

6. Nantoone -- I love the idea of a magician as shocked as the person he's doing the trick for.

When I was younger I was into magic and thought I invented a magic trick that used subliminal messaging to get someone to pick a card.

I secretly turned the two of hearts over in the deck, and handed it to the kid my mom was watching.

I asked my mom to name any card, then I said to the kid:

"You too, [name of kid], whatever card is in your heart."

Trying to get him to say the two of hearts.

To my disbelief he actually said the two of fucking hearts. I didn't touch the deck for the entire trick and told him to go through it and he saw his selection turned over. I was in just as much amazement as he was.

7. relativex -- amazing. The rest of their story is kinda sad, though.

In high school, I told a girl who was way out of my league, "You should give me your number."

She asked, "Why would I do that?"

I said, "Because if I just dial randomly, it will take forever to call you..."

Waited to be shot down. But she laughed...and gave it to me! We were together for seven years.

8. SardinesGivePower -- the line worth $20,000.

A guy we'll call Bob left the company I was at. A year or two later he started recruiting people from our company, I was interested so I flew out for an interview.

First five interviews went great. Seemed like a good group to work with. The final interview was with the HR director. It went okay and then we got to the pay part. I said I wanted X amount. She said the average pay for my experience and position was X - 20k.

My response was "Bob didn't fly me out here because I'm average,"

I have no idea why I said that, but I got the job and the pay I wanted.

Months later when we were getting drinks Bob brought that up. Apparently HR director thought I was very quiet and introverted from our interview so my response caught her even more off guard than it caught me.

9. iforgotmylast0ne -- hard to get jealous over faster internet, but we're happy for you.

Moved offices at work. Tried "Admin/Password" on the new router login page Who has two thumbs and higher bandwidth? THIS GUY

10. TractorHead346 -- sounds like a dream job.

Applied for a job at a french fry factory. The online application asked what makes you want to work for us? I simply put "Potatoes are my favorite food". HR lady and engineering manager loved it, been working there 10 months now.

11. waterboatman -- like I said, this is apparently a thing.

Had a laptop slide backwards off my lap, hit the floor and stop working. Showed me an error screen and wouldn't start back up. 

Decided to turn it over and drop it from the same height onto its opposite side (why not, it's already broken right?) and it started working again.

12. cubs_070816 -- gotta get your friends a matching shirt then you're set.

i have a verizon center STAFF lanyard that a buddy gave to me from some concert 10 or 12 years ago. it literally says nothing but "verizon center" and "STAFF." white letters on a black background, and then has a small bar code and some illegible jibberish on the other side. it could be entirely fake, as i've never seen anyone else use one like it.

so far, 3 free concerts and one free NBA game. half-afraid to keep using it, especially since the arena changed its name. i can't get anyone else in with it, so while i can literally go anywhere, i have to do it alone, which is much less fun.

13. chicken-denim -- sometimes cheesy works.

A few years ago i was drunk and set the personal ringtone of a girl i liked to sixpence none the richer - kiss me. No idea what i was thinking while doing that. After a night out partying we hung out together and i told her to call me on my cellphone. We kissed. It was incredibly cheesy and i cringed over myself, but somehow it worked.

14. MMMlKE -- ballsy.

Was going home on my bike at night. My front light was broken and there was a police check. The officer told me I was getting a ticket because I didn't have the light on. I told him it was on. He pointed at the light and said that it was off. I told him it was off because it works on a dynamo and the wheel has to be turning for it to go on and suggested I'd show it. He agreed so I got on my bike and drove off.