We can all agree that orgasms are great, but some things in life are nearly as good as the real deal but don't get their due. Here's just a smattering of things that can give you that almost orgasmic feeling:

1. kuro-oruk -- something I think we can all agree with.

Getting into bed when you're utterly exhausted at the end of the day.

2. ShockRampage -- we're looking at you, popcorn kernel.

When you finally dislodge that piece of food from your back teeth.

3. Yodagrasshoppa -- manual shifters will understand.

Changing gears and not feeling it

4. im-a-grumpy-old-cat -- not as satisfying if you know you've gotta pick up another heavy thing right after, though.

When you're carrying something heavy for a long period of time and finally get to set it down

5. MekaActivated -- showers. In general.

Warm shower when it's cold, cool shower when it's hot.

6. hoffi_coffi -- tasty, nutritious Cold Drink.

Being incredibly parched on a hot day and glugging down a huge glass of cold drink.

7. partial_to_dreamers -- this is why dogs are living the good life.

Head scratch/back scratch. Get dem itches.

8. Ganglebot -- sooo relaxing.

Clean sheets, clean PJs, and going to bed after getting out of the shower.

9. DarthBaio -- that in between is great.

When I'm lying in bed, and my thoughts start to get incoherent. In the middle of that, I get a moment of lucidity where I realize that the incoherence is due to the fact that I'm starting to fall asleep, and somehow that lucidity doesn't jar me back to full wakefulness. I don't remember anything after that because I've then fallen asleep. It's pretty awesome.

10. DNAtaurine -- but can quickly become a nightmare if you can't fall back asleep.

When you wake up and you think it's almost time to get up for the day but you look at your clock and you still have 2 hours left to sleep.

11. EdgarAetheling -- oddly specific, but I get it.

This is weird, but bear with me:

I used to have really bad eczema on my feet. Lying in a bathtub and running my feet under the slightly-too-hot water is literally the greatest feeling ever. It was almost worth the years of irritation and embarrassment of having a skin condition to get that feeling of near-boiling water on the effected area. Ahhhhhhhh....

12. indigo_prime -- barbers doing the lords work.

Having the back of my neck trimmed with clippers at the barbers.

I love neck scritches!

13. shitpost-scrub -- and vice versa.

Stepping into a heated building when it's cold outside

14. ladyfromthcoffeeshop -- some dudes at the urinals sound like they're literally orgasming, though. Tone it down, you dudes.

Peeing after you've been holding it far too long

15. lowbrute -- hate when my craps yell at me.

Finally letting loose with that massive crap that's been yelling at you all afternoon.

16. Worknewsacct -- enjoy it while it lasts.

That new electronics smell as you open your latest toy

17. Markissy -- descriptive. Too descriptive.

Pulling a large booger out of your nose. The ones that tickle your brain on the way out.

18. ADOSlife -- back pops are good pops.

When you lie down on the floor and your back pops itself and suddenly you can move again! Alternatively, when someone picks you up from behind and your back finally pops. That light feeling afterwards where you're suddenly not tense anymore is out of this world.

19. sirdigbykittencaesar -- fuuuck. Forgot about that one.

When you've been swimming and water becomes trapped in your ear despite your stomping and shaking your head, and then later, when you've made peace with the fact you'll have water in your ear forever, it miraculously lets loose and flows out.

20. livintheshleem -- gross, but true.

Popping a big, painful zit.