Going to the doctor is already sooo uncomfortable -- there's the super long wait, the waiting room filled with coughing weirdos, and then the actual act of getting felt up in the name of "health." We've all been there and it sucks. But these 11 people left their doctors office with not only an uneasy feeling, but a story. NAY, a tale. An awkward tale they can pass on to their children for generations. If the doctor says they can still have them, of course.

1. Buzz5aw describes a horrible situation for all those involved.

Went to a dermatologist for scabies (little skin mites that itch like nothing can prepare you for). Apparently they settled a nice little bustling town named Anus. Had to lay on my stomach while an attractive older Asian lady and younger attractive med tech probed at my butthole with their fingers. Shame boner achieved.

2. watterson815's doctor is no fun.

Before getting radiation treatment on my groin, the doctor told me I shouldn't have unprotected sex for 6 months. I said, "Got it. No X-Men babies." He did that thing where he looked over the top of his glasses to show he was not amused.

3. Rameyryko -- just play it off as a yawn. Yeah, that's it.

pretty innocent but nonetheless dumb moment.... at the eye doctor- alright buddy open wide. opened my mouth and said ahhhh

4. Ted_Denslow's doctor does not like ballsack induced giggle fits.

First time I had to get a physical for freshman football. The doctor was a very stern-looking Eastern European guy. We do all the normal stuff... then it comes time for the hernia check. I started giggling as soon as the dude touched my balls.


At that point, I lost it.

5. theniwokesoftly has a psychiatrist who has never watched porn. Or understood the female anatomy.

When I was nineteen I went to a new psychiatrist, a man of about 60. In taking my history it came up that I, a female, was dating another female. After he finished the appointment and I got up to leave he said "they never explained in med school, how do women have sex with each other?"

6. Noooot the best time to mention your love of drugs.

My wife is in the OR getting a c-section. We can't see anything as there is a curtain covering her from the chest down. I think the Dr. must have forgotten that we were on the other side of the curtain, because he and another RN were just going on about their love of golf and their favorite courses. That's when the Doc busts out with, "I love the course over in Wyandotte because they don't care if I smoke weed."

7. ImSofancyyy -- Well at least you two now have the story for life?

Well, I went to the ER late at night with my sister after having sharp pains what a thought was coming from my pelvic region. The pain wasn't life-threatening but something I needed to get checked out asap. Anyway, the hospital was pretty empty this late at night and things seemed pretty laid back here... no big deal except I was getting a pelvic exam and the nurse/doctor forgot to lock the door connecting to a bathroom that was attached between my room and the waiting area. Well, the doctor is down under with the prongs of life that are inserted into the vaginal canal so he can see whats going on down there, and we hear someone go into the bathroom from the other entrance. The nurse runs over and locks the door but in the mean time I start laughing because it was honestly just a funny situation. Laughing is not a great thing to do with the prongs inside of you... they shot out (they were all lubed up) when I started laughing and hit the doctor IN THE FACE. He laughed, I laughed, the nurse was laughing, and all he could say was "Well, i've never had that happen."

8. BigBroHo -- We feel your awkward pain.

Shared this story here once before. 

Got a herniea when lifting a gate, so they had to ultrasound on my balls. 

The doctor was a female and when she put the gel on my balls I said "that feels wierd." 

She stops immideately and says "Did you just say that feels good?" I was like "No, wierd. It feels wierd." 

Worst awkward silence of my life followed.

9. Many family fights start with this seemingly innocent question, I'm sure.

I was 16. Go into the doctor's office. Mom comes in with me.

Doc: "Are you sexually active?"

10. AleatoryWeasel -- Oh no, it's the one thing a guy doesn't wanna hear about his dick.

My first "turn-your-head-and-cough" physical - doctor asked if my dick has always "looked like that". Why? Does it not look normal to you??

11. HorseMeatSandwich explains why you should always shave your balls, just in case.

I have a heart arrhythmia, and a couple years ago I went in for a procedure called an ablation attempting to correct it. Basically, they go in with a catheter through your femoral artery in your leg, feed it up into your heart, and freeze the group of cells causing the irregular heartbeat. What I didn't know, however, was just how close to your groin they enter the artery, and that the entire area had to be shaved. 

I was lying on a stretcher waiting to be wheeled into the OR, and in walked this nurse who was the spitting image of Michael Clarke Duncan, an absolutely humongous muscular black man. He asked me to raise my gown, and proceeded to shave my entire pubic region. I tried making small talk at first, but once I realized that was making it much worse, I just shut up and prayed for the ordeal to be over soon. Lying there having my inner thigh and crotch shaved by that dude was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life, but looking back it's pretty hilarious. 

TL;DR: Michael Clarke Duncan shaved my balls.