If you, like Aparna, have avoided all the noise being made over McDonald's Szechuan sauce, bless you. Essentially Rick and Morty fans are terrorizing McDonald's employees for a very limited supply of Szechuan Sauce, which was originally released alongside Disney's Mulan in 1998, and is now seeing a resurgence due to its inclusion in the newest season of Rick and Morty.

Here's a particularly awful clip that's been going around of one guy being denied Szechuan Sauce. 

1. Realizing their position on society's totem pole


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2. This sauce is just a mix of other sauces we have go home 


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3. Justice never sleeps

4. Drink it up dinguses

5. Late stage capitalism


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6. While you were clammoring for Szechuan Sauce I studied the bricks

7. Adults out here acting like they belong in the PlayPlace

8. F I F T E E N  B I D S


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9. The neckbeard sprawls down to his chesthair

10. Everyone working at McDonald's deserves a vacation after this week


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11. It's the perfect plan because only geniuses with 300+ IQs watch Rick and Morty

12. We've earned this

13. A true friend gatekeeping someone else from getting Szechuan sauce

Funniest Reactions to This Szechuan Sauce Bullshit