We don't want to make promises we can't keep - and while I genuinely believe the following tweets are very funny, I can't promise what your reaction to them will be. Maybe you're not someone who laughs too easily - or maybe you're reading these after learning of some devastating, tragic personal news and just in no mood to giggle. But I do firmly believe you will (at a minimum) snicker lightly at at least one of these - so please enjoy, and I hope you will leave this place a little bit more joyful than when you arrived.

1. As someone who has worked on the internet for many years, I can confirm this is the truest thing possible.

2. When the robots take over Terminator-style, they will have plenty of justification for wanting humanity destroyed.

3. Aw jeez, Rick...

4. "Humans should stop asking questions and give cats nice belly rubs and also treats....reports the NY Times."

5. This should be on an episode of Law & Order, immediately.

6. Honestly, this person should just own it and make that their permanent email signature.

7. Not all heroes wear capes. Some just do this.

8. Kinda wish this review were a little longer.

9. Grandpa is brutal.

10. "Here's my friend, Pat Sajak. He wants to have rubes spin a wheel to do crossword puzzles and occasionally take away all of their winnings."

11. "Please destroy Medusa to return all cats to their original forms....reports the Washington Post."

12. Jeff Goldblum is a silver(blum) fox.

13. "Oh, it's just the guy from Supernatural. Totally normal, nevermind."