1. He Has Free Time


Trump's schedule today is pretty light - he has a brief meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at 1:30pm and then nothing until 4pm. Given the best viewing time will be around 2pm, Trump can probably ensure he has nothing else going on at that time.

2. He Explicitly Doesn't Believe Anything CNN Says


CNN is running news surrounding the eclipse across every platform today - and Trump has been very clear about how little faith he has in the journalistic practices of CNN:

Would Trump stare at the eclipse specifically to spite CNN? Very possible.

3. The Secret Service Can No Longer Afford To Protect Him From Endangering Himself


USA Today released an interesting story earlier, regarding the bizarre fact that the Secret Service has already maxed out their annual budget for agents' salaries and overtime for protecting the President and his family for the year...even though it's only been 7 months. Trump's excessive travel and large family are the named culprits, but the net result is that - unless Congress approves additional funding above the annual limit - the Secret Service will no longer be able to pay agents for time spent protecting the President.

Which means that, as of right now, there is no incentive for agents to stop the President from staring directly into the eclipse.

4. At No Point On Today's Fox & Friends Did Any of the Hosts Say "It's Fine For You To Look Directly At the Sun If You're the President"

It's no secret that the President places a great deal of value in the Fox News morning program, Fox & Friends. He tweets about it often, and advisors and aides close to the President have reported how policy is sometimes shaped by what was on that morning's episode. Luckily for the President, at no point in this morning's episode did the hosts say you could look at the eclipse if you're president - in fact, they did say it would be a bad idea to look at it, so Trump may heed their warnings and avoid it.

5. He Thinks Glasses Make You Look Like a Nerd

Trump thinks less of people wearing glasses, so it's unlikely he'd be willing to wear the protective eyewear necessary to stare at the eclipse - but also unlikely he'd let anyone tell him he's not allowed to look at the eclipse. Trump has a habit of reacting poorly to being told not to do anything, so might be even MORE likely to do things he's explicitly told are bad ideas....like staring directly at the eclipse.

So that's 4 points towards "looking at the eclipse" and 1 point towards "not looking at the eclipse."

ANALYSIS: Trump is gonna go blind today.