1. America has long stood as an untouchable, imperial force in the world - and, like all great empires, it must crumble.


Superpower countries are great for that country, but less great for the rest of the world - America has long had free rein to do as it pleases throughout the rest of the world with little pushback, from endless bombing campaigns in the middle east that have claimed untold thousands of innocent civilian lives to negotiated trade deals that claim the wealth of poor third world countries. And now that stature is beginning to crumble faster and faster - and ultimately put the world in an overall fairer place. While those in America will lose some degree of pride and economic stability that came from living in the greatest modern superpower country, the rest of the world will no longer need to exist in the shadow of our nation...thanks to Donald J. Trump.

Particularly with America's withdrawal from the Paris Accords, the rest of the world is working together without the USA and relying less on us as the superpower to lead the world. And even Trump's purported ability to keep and bring jobs in America has been proven a farce - the jobs at an Indiana heating and air conditioning manufacturer Carrier that Trump was able to keep from being outsourced were lost within months of his PR blitz (in addition to thousands more jobs in Indiana being lost to overseas solutions). Economic growth has begun to slow after years of boom times, and America's spot in the world as the unquestioned dominant force is beginning to be questioned more and more.

Great job, President Trump!

2. His incompetence and lack of political savvy have doomed the GOP-led platform for the foreseeable future


The GOP platform has shifted further and further to the right to a dangerous degree - their latest push for healthcare reform would have taken 24 million people off of insurance, primarily to fund a tax cut for the wealthy. Sacrificing the safety and health of 24 million individuals in order to save some money for the already-rich is a cruel bargain to strike - luckily, Donald Trump's lack of ability to politically maneuver and get his message across has seemingly doomed the GOP platform for the moment.

Trump had promised 10 major pieces of legislation in his first 100 days - and of those, none have happened yet. The corruption scandal surrounding his campaign's dealings with Russia, his poor relationship with key members of Congress, and his general disinterest in political process has led to this moment - and we should thank him. The GOP controls every branch of government right now - it would be (seemingly) simple for them to push through their entire agenda with little resistance. And yet they're struggling to accomplish anything of meaning, because they are being led by someone more interested in golf than the business of politics.

Who else but Donald Trump could sink the platform of the party that controls every aspect of government right now? Wonderful job, President Trump.

3. He has shaken a complacent public into political activism


A politically-engaged public is one of the cornerstones of a functioning democracy - but with the wealth and safety provided by being in the most powerful nation in the world comes complacency. Activism has been muted in past years, and the 2014 midterm elections boasted the lowest turnout in the past 70 years of American history. To summarize the state of the public's lack of involvement in the political process: "Sad!"

And it's not wholly surprising: politics has been pretty boring for a long time now - the quiet professionalism of the Obama White House was never that fascinating (however you feel about Obama's actual policies), and led to this kind of snoozefest stuff as the major scandalous moments in his presidency:


But Trump changed that - his sudden rise and, uh, idiosyncratic behavior of his administration (the soap opera dramatics of Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, and 10-day employee Anthony Scaramucci, the infighting between Steve Bannon and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, the Russian dalliances of, uh, like half his staff and at least one of his sons, the bizarre late night and early morning tweets, the loud proclamations of greatness that are later revealed to be complete lies based on nothing, a never-ending stream of leaks, etc.) has energized political activism across the entire political spectrum. Heck, the Women's March that took place in Washington DC and across the world the day after Trump's inauguration is estimated to be the single largest protest in American history.

It's hard to imagine any other president in history inspiring such a passionate response from the citizenry - only Trump was able to do it. Great job, Donald!

Thumbnail photo by the incomparable Vic Berger IV