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Ah selfies, the meticulously painted self portraits of our generation. Plus with the invention of Instagram and Snapchat filters, people (cool teenagers) in recent years have really stepped up their photo game. That being said, why shouldn't you be one of them? Well you can with these four cool photo accessories!

1. LimeLens Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Set


Give your smartphone or tablet camera a boost with the Limelens Lens Set, a collection of two outstanding mini lenses and all three versions of the genius Limeclip attachment, designed to perfectly secure both lenses to over 70 smartphones and tablets. With these dual purpose lenses you can make a Beastie Boys tribute video with the fisheye lens right before heading off to snap some video of your cousin's wedding. If the words 'Beastie Boys' weren't enough to get you excited check out these other cool features you get for just $39.99!  

  • Fit the lenses to just about any smartphone or tablet on the market
  • Diversify your photo-taking ability w/ two premium lenses
  • Attain a 10x Macro perspective or a 0.67x wide-angle view w/ the dual-purpose lens
  • Drink in the atmosphere w/ the 190° supreme fisheye lens

But why would you buy a camera that you didn't see any video from? You wouldn't because are a genius, so take a look at this video using the lens below!

Pretty dope right? Again, just $39.99! 59% off the original price which is awesome because it's one number away from 69  which, as we all know, is hilarious.

2. WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera


Clogged drain? Engine trouble? Just want to see the world through the eyes of your beloved goldfish? Then boy do I have the endoscopic camera with an 8-way adjustable LED waterproof, 2 MP resolution camera for you. With this gadget right here you can slip into the tight or dark spaces fingers or eyes can't and send a feed right back to any device you're using via WiFi. Seriously for $32.99 you can literally own what is basically a spy gadget and don't you deserve that?

3. Acesori 5 Piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit


Call me crazy but I think everyone should be living the American dream; which, as we all know, is owning and starring in a famous YouTube channel. You can do just that with this lens kit that turns your regular phone into a jacked movie camera. Easily connected to the magnetic ring around your phone's camera, this kit allows you to take incredible photos and video through fish eye, wide angle, and macro lenses. For literally 10 dollars here all the incredible specs you get with this package:

  • Easily detachable & interchangeable design includes magnetic rings
  • High-quality, anti-scratch glass w/ reduced glare & reflection will greatly enhance your photos
  • Metal lanyards & lens covers keep the lenses protected and portable
  • Durable aluminum construction makes the lenses more durable
  • Fish Eye views complete a 180 degree picture
  • Wide Angle shots will let you capture an entire landscape
  • Macro pictures capture the most minute details of a subject

With all this amazing crap you're gonna be vlogging with the best of them in no time. And, at 80% off and with availability in both black and silver maybe you should just get two.

4. ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod


 Selfie sticks are soooo 2014, and you need something that doesn't scream "I'm an insensitive moron take a selfie at a war memorial." We have the solution, this awesome, grippable, flexible tripod! It's easy to set up anywhere; on the couch, on your dashboard, or even on uneven surfaces like rocks out in nature. The flexible legs also allow you to wrap the mount around a streetlamp or tree to get even more dynamic shots! For 42% off and under 20 bucks you can have all these specs to help you take primo selfies.

  • Take photos from any angle w/ the flexible legs' leveling ability & rubber grip feet
  • Capture photos wirelessly w/ the included Bluetooth remote shutter
  • Carry w/ you anywhere thanks to the collapsible, portable design
  • Use any smartphone to take pictures due to the universal compatibility

Seriously, make your Instagram numbers dream a reality with this baby right here. Go from a "hope this hits 11 so I don't have to take it down" to "hope I don't BREAK Instagram's PUNY server with all the likes I have pouring in." We legally promise this to you*

*We legally promise nothing except that this tripod is dope