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While I can't really convince you to care about the environment, here's something that SHOULD get your attention: at the core, "going green" is all about wasting less - and when you waste less, that's because you're consuming less...which means you'll SAVE MONEY. Being environmentally-conscious has the nice side-benefit of leaving you with more cash in the end, because you're using less electricity or not having to buy batteries or some other wasteful practice that you really don't need to be doing.

Of course, it's a good idea to be more environmentally-conscious because you would be doing your small part to making the world a better place to live, but even on a more selfish level, you'd be saving yourself a bunch of money. In other words, there's NO good reason to not care about this stuff. And we're gonna help you out by showing you a few products you can get right now that'll save you some dough and help you be less wasteful.

1. Kasa LED Low Energy Bluetooth Smart Bulbs: 2-Pack


It's really easy to just go for the cheapest lightbulbs you can find at CVS or the hardware store and not think about it - but cheap bulbs waste A TON of energy, burn out quickly (so you have to replace them frequently), and are generally not so great for you or the environment. But there are lots of options for more energy-efficient alternatives - like the KASA LED Low Energy Bluetooth Smart Bulbs. Each bulb lasts approximately 15,000 hours (compared to normal incandescent lightbulbs, which last about 10% of that - around 1,000 - 2,000 hours), and right now you can get a 2-pack for only $49.99 (that's 44% off the normal $89.99 pricetag).

And what's particularly cool about these bulbs is that you can control them from your phone.  That's right - you don't even have to GET UP to hit a light switch anymore, plus the app can control up to 32 lights from a single device, meaning you can control pretty much EVERY light in your house if you want. On top of being environmentally-friendly, your life is now easier AND you're helping the world.

Be lord of light in your own home with this 2 pack of Kasa LED Low Energy BT Smart Bulbs, allowing you to set a 24/7/365, low energy lighting schedule for anywhere in you home. You can even choose between 16 million colors to get the perfect environment, and control the bulb directly from your smartphone. It's the best of eco-friendly lighting meets the best of smart home tech! 

  • Low energy, cost-efficient adaptive lighting has a 15 year life expectancy
  • Supports connections to up to 32 bulbs from a single smartphone
  • Dimmable app gives you 16 million colors to choose from
  • 24/7/365 scheduling lets you automatically turn the lights on right before you get home
  • Countdown feature lets you automatically turn off lights at night or when you're leaving
  • Room & mood presets let you set any room to the perfect mood

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2. Arcadia Power Clean Energy Membership


Here's a pretty good deal for you - first off, the cost is "nothing." As in "zero dollars" or "completely free." So, not a huge deal to get this, regardless of what benefits it might come with, right? But it DOES come with benefits - Arcadia matches half of your monthly electricity usage with energy from wind farms (available in all 50 states, with every utility provider) AND gives you 4 energy-efficient LED light bulbs AND get a $10 discount on your next energy bill.

So - for nothing - you can improve the world and get some free stuff. WHY WOULD YOU NOT DO THIS?

Protecting the planet has never been so vital as it is today, and Arcadia Power is on the forefront of delivering clean energy solutions that can save you money and decrease your carbon footprint without any inconvenience. Arcadia matches 50% your monthly electricity usage with clean energy from wind farms that will make your home more efficient. Plus, with this free plan, you'll receive four high-efficiency LED light bulbs and $10 off your next energy bill. 

In partnership with Sierra Club, Demand Progress, League of Conservation Voters, and Daily Kos 

  • Save money & decrease your carbon footprint by matching 50% of your electricity usage with clean, wind energy
  • Upgrade your home w/ high-efficiency energy products as they become available at no extra cost
  • Get priority access to savings on community solar projects
  • Make cleaner energy choices that can help save the environment

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3. Sprinkl Conserve Smart Irrigation System


Watering yards is one of the most wasteful practices we engage in as a society - it's estimated lawn watering sucks up approximately 20 trillion (YES, TRILLION) gallons of water per year, and in the summer makes up 50-75% of home water usage. That's because people - in general - are not really thinking about it too hard. It's easy to overwater and not really pay too much attention.

But there IS a better way - using the Sprinkl Conserve Smart Irrigation System, you can control everything through your phone, which will help you set a watering schedule, take weather into account (why water your lawn if it's due to rain in a few hours?), and will ultimately help you save money, reduce waste, and do your part to make the world a better place. And right now it only costs $79 - that's 20% off of the normal $99 pricetag!

Water conservation is more important today than ever and, conveniently, that green pursuit can also save you money! Especially when you use the Sprinkl Conserve Smart Irrigation System. Connect this device to your existing irrigation system and you can take absolute control over how frequently you water your yard and how much water you use right from your smartphone. Saving money, saving the environment, it's the best of both worlds. 

  • Set rules to determine when & how much water is used
  • Preserve water by integrating w/ local weather forecast to water only necessary
  • Save up to 30% on your watering bills
  • Schedule & control your irrigation system from your phone
  • Integrate w/ municipal water restrictions, where available, for automatic compliance
  • Extend your irrigation controller's scheduling to support weekly, bi-weekly or every three week watering cycles
  • Manage watering for multiple properties from a single interface

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4. LuminAid PackLite Inflatable & USB Lanterns


If you go camping regularly (or just like having a spare lantern around in case of a power outage), this should interest you - a lantern that has solar recharge capabilities (and a traditional USB plug-in for night-time charging and/or when it's overcast), is inflatable (if you plan on heading out into the water), and is waterproof (in case you were worried about rain). It'll save you from having to buy wasteful amounts of batteries for more traditional lanterns, and you won't be polluting (because, let's be honest, you probably weren't disposing of batteries in the proper way).

And best of all, you can get this deal for only $19.99 right now.

Any casual or professional adventurer knows the importance of having a powerful, tough light that can survive the outdoors. The Nova from PackLite packs a 75 lumen punch while loaded with efficiency features to ensure you'll be able to find a light should disaster strike. The high efficiency solar panel lets you recharge by sun and save on battery costs while giving you a max run time of up to 24 hours. It's even so waterproof it can safely float. 

  • Turbo, high, medium, low, & emergency flashing settings
  • Adjustable handle to attach inside a tent or strap to a pack
  • Recharges in sun or by USB input
  • High efficiency solar panel charges in overcast weather
  • Made out of environmentally friendly & weather-resistant material

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5. Revogi 'Smart Meter' Bluetooth Outlet


Your appliances constantly being on is costing you money, and for no reason. When you're out at work, does everything need to be sucking away electricity? Probably not. And that's why you could probably use a Revogi Smart Meter - a plug-in for your AC outlet that helps you automatically turn off lights or appliances when you're not using them and gives you a better sense of your energy consumption. With this simple device, you can have better control over how much electricity you're wasting instantly. And if you buy it now, it'll only cost you $24.99 - which is 28% off of the original $34.99 pricetag.

The Revogi Smart Meter may be small, but its power is mighty. With just the Smart Meter and the Revogi Smart Meter Android or iOS app, you'll gain full wireless control of your home electronics and appliances. Simply plug your appliance into Revogi--and Revogi into your AC outlet, and start reaping the benefits. Set up schedules for turning devices on and off at specified times, and optimize your usage by viewing full breakdowns of where you're spending the most on your energy bill.

  • Set up schedules for automatically turning on & off appliances
  • Avoid peak hours to take advantage of lower electrical pricing
  • Get overcurrent protection
  • Easily stop electrical consumption when an appliance is not in use.
  • Get wireless control of your home devices w/ the free apps
  • Get a full view of your electric consumption
  • Measure & view both real-time power (Watts) and energy (kWh) usage for the past day, week, and month
  • Discover which appliances & devices use the most energy

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