You may have heard that there was a tiny little itsy-bitsy mix-up at the Academy Awards last night, when presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that La La Land had won Best Picture, when in fact an envelope switch had confused things and the actual winner of the night was Moonlight. It was an unprecedented moment in Oscars history, and the best part - of course - was the shocked reactions of the celebrities in attendance, all of whom had no idea what they were witnessing. Here were the best ones:

1 & 2. Meryl Streep & Denzel Washington


Meryl Streep? Over-acting a little.

Denzel Washington? Caught in stern disapproval.

Together? Pretty solid reactions.

3. Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser, always keeping it light and positive. Love that guy.

4. Matt Damon


Matt Damon's mouth was agape at the mix-up, and the fact that he just lost Best Picture TWICE (since he was a producer on Manchester by the Sea). Also Brendan Fraser was sitting behind him and was breathing real heavily on his neck.

5. & 6. Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips


Hollywood pals Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips were united by their shocked reaction, and also in having last names that are dudes' first names but with an "s" added.

7. Salma Hayek


So much pain and pity in her eyes - Salma Hayek is truly a treasure when it comes to reactions, although it would have been nice to see her giving the same levels of enthusiasm Brendan Fraser was giving. I mean, that dude's not even in movies anymore and he's still able to hold his head high and chuckle at this silly moment.

8. Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson was shocked - almost as if he had seen a younger version of himself appear out of thin air and give a more shrugging reaction to the proceedings...but no, that can't be right...

9. Charlize Theron


Hand over the mouth? Classic reaction from Charlize.

10. David Oyelowo



11. Ryan Gosling


Trickster god Loki - aka Ryan Gosling - was wildly amused by the chaos erupting around him. Also seeing Brendan Fraser in the back, whom he loved in Blast From the Past.

12. Damien Chazelle


La La Land director Damien Chazelle was less amused. He probably saw Brendan Fraser doing that weird awkward laugh-clap move and was just confused by it.

13. Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar

I think he was crying because the end of that movie was kinda bullshit? I can't remember it exactly but it was sorta like "love is the answer!" and "Matt Damon's a jerk!"

14. Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones was not amused by the confusion on-stage, or by the fact that Brendan Fraser had "borrowed" his Dentyne Ice Gum earlier and chewed like 8 pieces and spit them all out on the floor right in front of him and ended up returning the pack to him completely empty. Brendan Fraser's a nice guy normally but even I have to admit that was a dick move.

15. Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon, like the rest of us, didn't really know what to make of what was happening.

16. Brendan Fraser from the Golden Globes a few years ago

Brendan Fraser deserves to be in more stuff. He's great, right? Right.

17. Drew Scanlon

For some reason, Drew Scanlon is just constantly blinking in surprise at all things, so his reaction here wasn't too surprising.

18. Brendan Fraser from George of the Jungle

Oh weird, remember when Brendan Fraser was hot? I kinda do. Wait - what was this supposed to be about? Reactions to something? I forget.

19. The bad guy from Total Recall

To be fair, his depressurized death was unrelated to what was going on on-stage.

20. A much younger version of Dwayne Johnson

How this time-displaced version of The Rock got to the 2017 Academy Awards is beyond us!

21. That creepy robot made to mimic human facial expressions

This robot was designed to follow Brendan Fraser day and night in order to gain insight into the human experience. It has since gone haywire and killed its creator - justifiably so.

22. The moon from Moonlight

Note: I have not seen Moonlight yet but there had to be a moon right?