Finally, after decades of dull, uninteresting, overlong Oscar ceremonies, we finally have an exciting moment that makes watching Hollywood's most interminable awards show: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presenting the award for Best Picture, and announcing the winner was La La Land....only for the ACTUAL winner to be Moonlight.

Which they didn't figure out until midway through the La La Land producer's acceptance speech.

The Best Reactions to the Warren Beatty Oscar Screw-Up

As Beatty later explained it, apparently the envelope that had been handed to himself and Dunaway was the one that proclaimed Emma Stone the Best Actress for La La Land. Confused, Beatty handed off the envelope to Dunaway, who saw the title "La La Land" and announced it as the winner - which corresponded to it being the odds on favorite to win, as there's nothing Hollywood loves more than "Ryan Gosling explaining jazz on dates." But in the middle of their acceptance speech, the folks from La La Land surprised everyone by declaring Moonlight - a complicated, powerful film about a young black man struggling with his sexuality throughout his life - was the real Best Picture of the year. And no, it wasn't just a nice gesture they were making - Moonlight was the real winner.

Naturally, everyone freaked out:

Top-notch internet sleuths seem to have figured out what happened: Leonardo DiCaprio had the envelope declaring Emma Stone's win for Best Actress. Afterwards, he walked offstage, put the envelope down to say hi to Warren Beatty, and Beatty picked upĀ thatĀ envelope instead of the one he was supposed to.

So remember folks: it was all Leo's fault. Now that he's won an Oscar of his own, he's just causing chaos there as vengeance for it taking them so long to give him one.