Have Family Issues


For some reason unknown to anyone ever, Badasses hate being comfortable! They always sit in chairs wrong. They either turn the chair around with a dumb smirk on their face while their balls are pressed against the butt part of the chair, or they're slouching so poorly it has to affect their spine health.



Leather Jackets


It doesn't matter what decade the series comes out, the Badass is always wearing a leather jacket, or has one with him regularly. It could be in the middle of summer and they'll still be wearing them. Does heat not affect them? Are they not afraid of heat strokes?



Have Family Issues


If your dad is a butthole or your mom is too busy for you, there is a good chance you have the ideal upbringing for a badass.



Fail At School 


If it is a teenage/young adult tv show badass it is no surprise if they're having a hard time in school. Not because they're dumb but because they're too busy on Make-Out Creek with their tutor to waste their time doing homework or studying.