1.  You are currently looking at a sixteen year old Crossfit enthusiast's "before photos" from 53 weeks ago.

2.  You have checked out four different style-focused Instagram users whose keyboard is a foreign language.

3.  You are looking at pictures of raw meat.

4.  You are looking at your friend's little sister's bff's Instagram page, and you can tell she hit puberty about 61 weeks ago.

5.  Your recent hashtag views were "#mermaidsofinstagram" and "#cuzigotitlikethat."

6.  You are scrolling through an E! Latina correspondent's beach pictures

7.  You've jumped from one Demi Lovato fan site to a different Demi Lovato fan site.

8.  You are looking at multiple Instagram accounts dedicated to the personal style of an infant.

9. You find yourself on your high school friend's cousin's crafts Instagram

10.  You know that #preyingmantisesofinstagram only has about fifty or so uses. Has not caught on.

11. You are on your niece's playdate's mom's account.

12.  You have witnessed an inspiration meme featuring a quote from Charlie Sheen.

13.  You are scrolling through dog pictures with glamour shots and natural shots.

14.  You find yourself scrolling through the geotag for the town of Crellin, Maryland.

15.  #NSFW ! #NSFW!

16.  You have learned the names of Canadian vine stars, and you can recognize which are friends with each other.

17.  You are looking at a random nail artists' patron's boyfriend's page. 

18.  You discovered an entire subculture of white women who live in the Caribbean and seem to spend all of their time getting their photos taken underwater, wearing ethereal clothes and using captions like, "breathe without air, swim without water ;-)."

19.  You are looking at photos of adults recreating their childhood portraits for their elderly parents' birthdays. 

20.  You are looking at pictures of button collections.