One of the more brilliant things to come out of nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother was the Hot/Crazy scale laid out by Barney Stinson. It's something that seems to take years for most men to grasp, and is often denied having any truth by the opposite sex. (You guys/girls can save that debate for the comments. I'm just here to share this funny video.)


There's so much more to this psychological blueprint of than just HOT and CRAZY though -- there's also unicorns! There's a delicate balance that each man must navigate through in order to achieve what is the perfect balance of hot/crazy. (It's 8/5 in case you were wondering.) Luckily, there's this guy Dana McClendon to break it all down with who to avoid -- generally redheaded women named Tiffany who are hairdressers -- and who to marry. 

Not really sure why he's wearing both a pocket protector and a gun in the video. Maybe in case any of these "crazy" women from his past kick the door open and disrupt his tutorial??

Source: jamesyeager

Dana also draws up the male version of this matrix, which of course is a lot less complicated. Now, let the war of the sexes begin!