If you fail at something once, save face and don't ever try it again. Guys, athletics is clearly not for you. You know what's cool about being an adult? Not being pushed into sports you don't want to play. There you go. Problem solved.

Just kidding, champ. Go get 'em.


1. Little Girl Attempts Fancy Reverse Pool Dive


2. Apathetic Kid Silently Protests Soccer Match


3. Bleacher Boy Doesn't Catch Home Run, Gets Hit, Tries Not to Cry, Cries a Lot


4. Lil Kid Trips During Rugby Trophy Presentation


5. Downhill Tape Race Leads to Utter Mental Breakdown


6. Kid Loses Boxing Fight to Speed Bag


7. Kid Tries to Dunk on 10 ft Hoop, Needs Assistance 


8. Ski Kid Can't Pizza