1) Pause your tv before the moment you want to record.


2) Stand WAY too close to your tv. Like, RIGHT there.


3) Turn the volume way down.


4) Take out your phone and hold it at a 28 degree angle to the tv instead of just straight.


5) Adjust the focus until everything's too bright to see.


6) Run a vacuum cleaner.


7) Hit "Record" on your phone a full 8-10 seconds before you start the actual clip.


8) Vigorously shake your phone throughout the clip. This will make the clip cool.


9) Laugh loudly throughout the clip into your phone.


10) Stop the clip at a random, jarring time before it's finished.


11) Upload to Youtube and title it something unfindable.

12) Congrats! You are now literally Martin Scorsese.


If you did everything correctly, your clip SHOULD look like this: