Some stampedes are just more adorable than others. Stampede of buffalo -- not adorable. Stampede of bunnies -- 100% adorable. 

A tourist on the Japanese island of Okunoshima was recently the "victim" of the bunny stampede, as close to a hundred rabbits chased her down the street (probably to swarm her in some sort of cuddle pile before devouring her). 

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Now initially, the video from Vitaly Petrukhin looks like the cutest thing in existence, but what happens when this girl runs out of bread crumbs? We don't see that part of the video, and if I've learned anything from Monty Python movies, bunnies are not to be trifled with. 

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Yeah, that shit can get real bad, real fast. 

I'd just assume take my chances with this flying squirrel any day of the week. 


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