This is the Winter Games footage that NBC doesn't want you to see.

Fart Figure Skating 

I don't care how many gold medals Jamie Anderson takes home for snowboarding or if the Jamaican boblsed team digs up John Candy's corpse, nothing that happens in Sochi is going to top Olympic Fart Figure Skating. The folks over at Ghost + Cow Films have dubbed farts over footage of the winter games and it's probably the stupidest thing that has ever happened to the Olympics. And damn, is it hilarious.  

These men and women are at the peak of flatulence athleticism, and  I'm not sure I'll be able to go back to watching the Olympics without fart dubs from this point forward. 

Gold medals and bean burritos for everyone!

The World's Longest Ski Fart

The Fart Luge


Men's Moguls