I don't want to alarm you or jump to conclusions and start a massive panic with PETA, but, well, I'm pretty sure McVites snack foods wants you to eat puppies. "No! Not precious and cute puppies, blasphemy!" I know, I know, I don't want to believe it either, but there is some pretty overwhelming (at least sorta kinda) evidence to back up this horrible conspiracy. 

Let's look at the propaganda first. 

Dammit, those puppies are adorable. Their fluffy coats and wet noses, and the way that one just pops out of the wrapping, I could just eat them up. Gaaaaaah! The marketing is more powerful than I thought. 

Now granted, they don't come right out and tell you to eat a puppy, that would be far too obvious and nobody would do that. However, the subliminal messaging of a happy family unrolling a case of puppies and then enjoying some snacks with the puppies nowhere to be seen should raise a few eyebrows. 


Hey, if you want to eat snack biscuits which could or could not be (but probably are) made from puppies, that's your business, but count me out. I'll stick to the mystery meat from my local street cart and live in denial, thank you very much.