1. (7:00 AM: Alarm goes off)
  2. Me

    (Grunts) I don't feel like getting up.

  3. Bed

    No kidding. You were sleeping so well. You should hit the snooze button.

  4. Me

    You think so?

  5. Bed

    Definitely. It's 7:00 and you don't have to be at class until 8:00. An extra ten minutes won't hurt.

  6. Me

    You know what? You're right.

  7. (10 minutes later)
  8. Me

    Ok. Time to get up?

  9. Bed

    Are you sure about that?

  10. Me

    Not really....

  11. Bed

    What, do you have to do take a shower?

  12. Me

    I'd like to.

  13. Bed

    But do you need to?

  14. Me

    I guess I didn't really do anything active last yesterday so I don't really need to.

  15. Bed

    Exactly. Plus, are there really any girls worth impressing in your 8 A.M. class? I mean be honest.

  16. Me

    You know you're absolutely right. You're full of wisdom, Bed.

  17. Bed

    Shh. Shh. Shh. I know. Now, go back to sleep.

  18. (10 minutes later: Alarm goes yet again)
  19. Me

    Ok. Gotta get up. For real this time.

  20. Bed

    Aw. Come on don't go.

  21. Me

    I can't. If I stay any longer I'm going to be late.

  22. Bed

    And what, you'll disturb the one person whose actually trying to learn?

  23. Me


  24. Bed

    Come on. You know as soon as you leave from under these covers things are only gonna go down hill.

  25. Me

    Sad, but very true.

  26. Bed

    Then just stay and hang out with me. Ever since this semester started you hardly ever spend any time with me...You don't even make me before you leave anymore.

  27. Me

    I've never made you. Not once.

  28. Bed

    That's not true. You did for about a week. It was one of your resolutions we both knew it would last.

  29. Me

    Ok fine. I'll stay, but just ten more minutes.

  30. Bed

    That's all I ask.

  31. (10 minutes later)
  32. Me

    Ok. Seriously. I'm getting up.

  33. Bed

    No, stay.

  34. Me

    I can't man. I have class.

  35. Bed

    No you don't. You've been to all of your classes this week.

  36. Me

    That's true.

  37. Bed

    You've been working so hard. You deserve it a little extra sleep.

  38. Me

    You know what? I do deserve it.

  39. Bed

    Damn right you do! Besides, you don't want to go out there. The world's a cold, cold place.

  40. Me

    It is cruel.

  41. Bed

    No, I meant that literally. It's freezing. The Polar vortex will send your balls into hiding the minute you step outside.

  42. Me

    Fuck it. I'm sleeping in.