1. Arrive and pick a shopping cart

2. Realize the shopping cart has a bad wheel and spend the entire time wrestling with it.

3. Squeeze some tomatoes and pretend you know how to tell whether they're good or not.

4. Look at someone else's cart and spot the most delicious items.

5. Spend an hour trying to find the aisle they got them from.

6. Give up and buy a Mars Bar instead.

7. Eat the Mars bar while shopping.

8. Contemplate whether to save the empty wrapper and pay for it at the register, or get rid of the evidence.

9. Buy all the ingredients to make Lasagna.

10. Realize it's cheaper to just buy a frozen Lasagna instead, and wonder why anyone ever makes their own food.

11. Notice that nobody's watching you, and decide to ride the cart like a child.

12. Notice someone was watching you, and get super embarrassed.

13. Continue to ride the cart, just to show them you don't care what they think.

14. Randomly spot a carton of eggnog. Wonder whether it's ok to drink egg nog in February.

15. Count the number of items you have to see if you can use the express lane.

16. Cheat your way in by counting all your bottles as one item called "drinks".

17. Stare at the progress of the other checkout line, and judge yourself way too severely for not picking it.

18. Develop an uncontrollable hatred towards the person in front of you in line.

19. Look back and wonder whether the person behind you has developed the same hatred towards you.

20. Pay, and swear that next time you'll shop online.