There's a place where the debt ceiling ends

And where the chaos begins

When the recession takes root

There's riots and loot

And you'll wish you never got a sub-prime mortgage




There's a polar bear in my Frigidaire,

No there's not, I was being silly in my head

I forgot that they're all dead

 Thanks to Corporate sponsored, man-made global warming.

Say goodbye to your bears and kiss OPEC's rings

As we continue to wantonly burn greenhouse gases like blind lemmings



If you are a lawyer, come in. If you are

A banker, a CEO, a stock trader, come in.

If you only care about that sweet dollar,

That cold hard cash, come in.

You have just come into my trap.

You will never leave, you morally bankrupt slime of the earth!





I cannot go to school today, I have the measles and the mumps

And I don't have insurance because unlike Canadians, we are chumps

We're a developed nation without government-backed health care

I'm just going to try to sleep off my diseases and see how I fare

Because god knows I can't afford the medicine.

What's that? What's that you say? You say today is Saturday?

Well that doesn't really change anything. I'm still probably going to die.



Did you leave that light on in the attic?

Did you leave your television plugged in?

Did you take a thirty minute shower?

Well guess what? You're just wasting energy.

Energy that you, as a white, privileged, upper-middle class suburban child

Somehow get to use while children all across the global south

May never experience electricity.

I hope you rot in your shell of a human being as you grow older, take that consulting

Job and convince yourself that you're not a sad excuse for a human being.

You make me sick.



I tripped on a shoelace and fell up.

No I didn't. I fell down. I fell flat on my face on a concrete sidewalk.

No one helped me. No one in this world has the common

Decency to help a poor little girl who fell on the ground

And hurt herself.

Get off of your cellphones and for the love of God, look around you.

What is this world coming to?

I hope you choke on a Big Mac, you corporate flies.

You suck on the teat of capitalism and yet you are

Blind to all of the suffering around you.

I hope your SUV crashes on your way to buy

Some other cog in the neoliberal network.