On an almost daily basis I type facebook comments and then ,wisely, delete them. Facebook has informed me I am over my limit of deleted comments. So, in no particular order here are a few of my ill advised, mean,or overly sarcastic almost comments that my friends,family, and former high school aquaintances missed out on:


"Any significance that bible quote has is canceled out by your previous status with a Keeping up with the Kardashians reference"

"I'm sorry, your baby looks like a jack-o-lantern on November 7th, someone needs to tell you."

"What will the world do without one more mediocre actor to star in forgettable films!? Why God?! ... also, three soldiers were killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan today"

"You know there are more reasons to travel than to just take pictures of yourself in front of things"

"Grandma, this box is to update your status. It is not the search box. It looks like a vague threat to my ex-girlfriend now"

"I was in class with you in high school and saw your grades. Your political opinion is void"

"You must be the world's biggest [insert name of state University here] fan! Because you never graduated/didn't attend/weren't accepted there only further proves they are indeed Number 1"

"Maybe you have your diary confused with Facebook"

"Yes we get it... This bathroom selfie proves that you are attractive and I am not. Its not until I check your occupation status that I feel better about myself. Do you get employee discounts at Target if you work at the Starbucks inside?

"No, your pregnancy pictures aren't weird like all the rest"

"What a cute couple! I love seeing these pictures on my news feed everyday! If you scroll through them all from the beginning you can actually see the guy slowly realizing how big of a mistake it was to date you"

"Oh, I was wondering what kind of person would actually watch and enjoy that show"

"We know you're not friends just because you take a picture together at arms length"

"Yes, another tattoo is just what you need to distract from your doughy figure"

"They let you have a kid!?!"

"Wow, You're 22?! Please tell me more about you're political and religious views"

"No, mom, Facebook doesn't actually have a limit of comments you can delete"