1. Laura

    Hello ladies. Welcome to the monthly meeting of bad marriage proposal victims. Today we welcome a new member to our group: Cindy.

  2. Cindy

    Hi, everyone.

  3. Group

    Hi, Cindy!

  4. Laura

    Cindy, tell us what brought you to us.

  5. Cindy

    I'm 29. Been engaged for two weeks now. My fiancee proposed to me on the Jumbotron, during a Lakers game.

  6. Group


  7. Laura

    That's horrible.

  8. Cindy

    I don't know what made him think I'd like that.

  9. Jenny

    They don't think! They never think!

  10. Laura

    Now, Jenny. We talked about your outbreaks.

  11. Jenny

    I'm sorry. I just get so annoyed.

  12. Laura

    I know. We're all here because our men ruined what could have been the most emotional moment of our young lives, by acting out the stupidest ideas they had.

  13. Linda

    Mine did it on a live morning TV show.

  14. Cindy

    I'm so sorry.

  15. Linda

    I was so close to forgiving him, too. But then he had all his friends dance their way down the aisle at our wedding, like that YouTube video.

  16. Laura

    Linda, please. Bad wedding decision victims meet on Wednesdays.

  17. Linda

    Sorry, Sorry.

  18. Laura

    Cindy, tell us how you felt when you saw that message on the Jumbotron?

  19. Cindy

    Well, I had a feeling it was coming since the start of the game. I found it strange that he even took me to a basketball game since I never showed any interest in that.

  20. Jenny


  21. Cindy

    And when we got there, he kept making sure I could see the screen. He even told the guy infront of us to take off his comically large hat so it wouldn't block my view.

  22. Laura

    Did you try and make up an excuse to leave?

  23. Cindy

    I thought about it. But to be honest, I couldn't believe he would actually go through with it. Until it happened.

  24. Cindy starts crying.
  25. Cindy

    I'm sorry, I just... I can't.

  26. Laura

    Try and tell us.

  27. Cindy

    I keep seeing them whenever I close my eyes. Those huge, bright, flashing letters. "Cindy, Will you merry me"? He spelled "Marry" with an E'.

  28. Linda


  29. Jenny

    How could you say "yes" to him?! You're the reason why they keep doing these things!

  30. Laura

    Jenny! Enough.

  31. Jenny

     Whatever. I'm going out for a smoke.

  32. Jenny leaves.
  33. Laura

    It's really hard on her. Her ex-boyfriend proposed during a family reunion. In front of his whole extended family.

  34. Linda

    She had to end it. She just couldn't bear the humiliation. And things were going so well for them. It's a tragedy.

  35. Laura

    What happened next, Cindy?

  36. Cindy

    I was so shocked. He was waiting for an answer. All the crowd was staring at me, smiling. Such big smiles. I couldn't let them down. There was this little girl looking at me. She thought it was so romantic. I couldn't ruin her fantasy.

  37. Linda

    She's gonna end up here one day.

  38. Cindy

    Then we were on the Kiss-Cam. The pressure was too much. I barely said "yes", but they all started cheering. We kissed.

  39. Linda

    Your man should be ashamed.

  40. Cindy

    He still thinks it was romantic. He doesn't even know I'm here, I told him I was going to pole dancing lessons.

  41. Laura

    Thank you so much for sharing, Cindy. Hopefully, we could raise awareness to this. And maybe, someday, guys will stick to proposing on a nice dinner.

  42. The doors swing open, and a six-member a cappella band walks in.
  43. Laura


  44. In comes Mark, dressed in a tuxedo. The a cappella group starts singing soft vocals.
  45. Mark

    Laura, baby...

  46. Laura