If I didn't know any better, I might think these movies sound...terrible?

1. Ghostbusters

This is a B horror movie of some sort? I dunno, sounds pretty campy. And just how prestigious was this college where they lost their academic posts? Hope they go into more detail about that.


2. Memento

Whoa, CONTEXTUAL notes! The most thrilling kind of notes! Sign me up -- The next bad 'contextual notes' themed movie I see will be the first.


3. Let The Right One In

Oh, great. Another Twilight knockoff. Pass.

4. City Of God

He avoids drugs with a passion for photography? What is this, an after school special? "Next week, Rocket learns how to combat bullying with his white-hot enthusiasm for model trains."


5. Toy Story

Sounds like the lowest-stakes movie ever. Definitely won't change the face of animation as we know it for decades to come.


6. Rosemary's Baby

A nice, slice-of-life family drama about a struggling actor trying to make ends meet in time to care for his newborn child -- sounds relatable enough, but unspectacular. Does he find some acting work??? Eh, guess we'll have to watch the movie and find out.


7. Pulp Fiction

Can this zany threesome co-exist in the same apartment, or will hijinks ensue when they learn that opposities don't attract? I've seen this dumb sitcom a million times -- no thanks, whoever directed this. Chuck Lorre?


8. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

This isn't really a 'poor' description of the movie, just a really humorously specific one. It makes it sound like the Black Knight uttering that line is a major plot point and/or the film's climax. "But when the group finally arrives at Camelot, they are stunned to learn that it is, in fact, ONLY A MODEL..."

9. Return of the Jedi

This sentence isn't inaccurate per se, but you'd be hard-pressed to convince a theoretical person who knows nothing about Star Wars that this absurd combination of words is just one of many legit plot points in a seminal cinematic classic. Though I might've used the phrase "teeny lil' fluff-fluffs" instead, though, just so it didn't sound totally ridiculous.


10. Ratatouille

A wonderful family film about one courageous individual's decree to not eat garbage inspite of his family's insistance on him eating said garbage. WILL HE EAT THE GARBAGE? A truly heartwarming animated roller-coaster ride about potential garbage-eating done as only PIXAR could!


11. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Hope the movie goes into specifics about this professor's tweed suits! Does he really take on the entire Nazi regime? And if so, how does this affect his tweed suits? Negatively, I would imagine, but I can't wait to find out!


12. Predator

Just kidding. This still sounds awesome.