Valentine's Day in college is a little easier than it was in high school. No one wants to be alone, and everyone has alcohol.

Have you gotten one of these on-line crush things? You get to list who you have a crush on, then they get an e-mail, and have an opportunity to list you back. If you list each other, then you both find out and are able to begin your otherwise lost love. But I bet half the time you list anyone, it winds up being someone you don't like just to see if they're the one who sent it to you in the first place.

Its really sad to see the bar scene on Valentine's Day. Especially on a Monday.

Think about Valentine's Day traditions – the symbol of love is a baby who shoots people, you're pressured to give a girl chocolate and forced to watch her complain about how insensitive you are because she's on a diet, and 4th graders decide who is cool and who is not by the amount of pieces of paper with poorly cut ribbon and too much glitter they have. But it's sweet, really.

I think it'd be fun to go to a flower shop the day after Valentine's Day and figure out how much the guy screwed up by how many flowers he is buying.

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