Disney and Lucasfilm announced plans to release a series of Star Wars Spin-Offs, including a 'Young Han Solo' movie, a story about Boba Fett, and a possible Yoda-centric film. But where does the Star Wars franchise turn after that? Here's a list of the The Next 20 Star Wars Spin-Offs:

The Next 20 Star Wars Prequels - Image 1

1. Wedge Begins

2. Lieutenant Ackbar: Trap School

3. The Jek Porkins Total Body Workout

4. Billy Tarkin: Aspiring Grand Moff

5. The Wedge Knight

6. Sittin' On Jabba: The Salacious Crumb Story

7. Captain Ackbar: Trap University

8. "Wait, Shit, You Guys, I'm Pretty Sure Those Were The Droids We Were Looking For. What Just Happened?": The Story Of Stormtrooper Mike

9. Uncle Owen, Moisture Farmer

10. Jango Fett UNCHAINED (There Was Like A Chain On Him And He Brushed It Off Whatever Don't Act Like You Won't See It)

11. The Wedge Knight Rises

12. Just The Cantina Band Rehearsing In Realtime For 130 Minutes

13. Rear Admiral Ackbar: The Naked Mile [Cameo By Admiral Eugene Levy]

14. Young... That Italian-Looking Alien Thing That's With Lando...His Name's Like N Something..."Nien Nunb", We Just Googled It. Anyway, Him: Episode One

15. Ranco' n' Sarlac: Monstie Babies

16. Star Star Binks...Wars [Netflix-Only Release]

17. That One Ewok - Not Wicket! The Other One. This Is The Story Of That Dude's Parents

18. Star War? Ed Note: Remember To Change This Title To Something Good Before This Movie Comes Out, And Again, Don't Mistake This Post-It-Note For Part Of The Title: The Movie

19. Theoretical 3-D Scientific Models Of The Formation Of The Universe, Long Preceding Actual Physical Stars Or Any Concept Of 'War'

20. Just George Lucas' Parents Having Sex (Mom Shoots First)