Bad Term Papers: Lewis and Clark

Karl Tucker
Mrs. Greenstein
4th Grade History
7th period

The Lewis Clark Exspedishun

For thousands of yeers Americans have wondered what was over the misisippi river. Peopul had been been living in america for a long time but noone ever though that there mite be land past the river. So, a long time ago President Clinton sent this guy to find out. His name was Lewis Clark and he really liked to wear raccoon.

Becuz Lewis Clark went west so long ago, he had to walk. They didn't even have cars or planes or the wheel back then but luckily they had shoos. Plus, there was lots of dangerus stuff back then to. There was lots of Indians who liked to sculpt white people and make them gamble at there casinos. My dad goes to Foxwoods.

Luckly, Lewis Clark made friends with an Indian who didn't like sculpting people. His name was Squatro and he taught the pilgrims how to make corn on the cob befour he met Lewis Clark. He also had a baby on his back that he carried everywhere becuz thats what Indians do with their baby on his back which he carried everywhere becuz thats what Indians do with there babies. He was really cool and told all the sculpting Indians not to sculpt Lewis Clark.

It took a long time to get to the misisippi river but when he got there he found that big arch thing that's in that movie with Chevy Chase where he drives to an amusment park and sticks a gun at that fat guy that died. When Lewis Clark and Squatro crossed the river they were in unchartered land. He had to rely on his skills that he had from the Oregon Trail and hunt but not shoot too much becuz he couldnot carry it back to the wagon. That was my favorite part of the game.

After a really long walking lewis Clark made it to california. That was befour they made movies there but it was still there even though they didn't make movies. I went to disneeland there one time but it wasn't that fun to go to.

He saw a lots of stuff and then he came back and told the president all about it. Lewis Clark was the first person ever to see claifornia and the other side of the misisippi river and he invented the raccoon hat. Lewis Clark was the best person ever to wear a raccoon.

By Karl Tucker