Time for Adderall and caffeine
More bloodshot eyes you've rarely seen
The library's packed for the first time all year
Oh shit, Oh no, finals are here.

These terrible tests which you dread
Roam like devils inside your head,
Waiting for the perfect moment of the year
To ruin all your Christmas cheer.

"Why can't they be over" you ask
Knowing full well your future task.
"I cannot study anymore" you say again
while tapping a pencil against your head.

"Where's the Tylenol?" you scream aloud
"My head feels like a mushroom cloud."
"Quiet Down!" Your roommate yells after you.
"I've got bio tomorrow and english too!"

Your finals, it seems, do much more
Than test the knowledge which you store.
They test your patience, your temper and wits
While ruining all your friendships.

You bitch and moan and then give in.
You stay up late till they begin.
You study all day, you study during night
In hopes that you might get it right.

When the day is near for testing
Your mind is in need of resting.
Coffee, Ritalin, NoDoze and cocaine
Extract quite a toll on your brain.

Bleary eyed and weak kneed, you walk
To the classroom, where no one talks.
Than the rest of the class, you are much dumber
You should have just been a plumber.

"Oh well" you say and launch right in
True hell is about to begin.
But as you flip the pages, you come to see
That you didn't even have to study.

You knew this crap from the start
And it silently breaks your heart
That the hours you spent locked in the library
Could have been spent watching TV.

Once you've finished, you hand it in
At the mercy of the red pen.
Go drink as much as your body will allow.
Why the hell not? You're done for now.

Sometime soon while you sit at home
During the break, all alone
You're grades will come and you'll be happy
"I got a B" .not too shabby."*

*unless you perform poorly on your tests in which case you better start looking for a job at Wal-Mart.

Dedicated to everyone out there with books in their hands, bags under their eyes and a Ritalin-stache on their upper lip. Good Luck!