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Gillian Pensavalle
Mrs. Deegan
11th period history
9th grade

The Cold War

Back when my daddy was a kid their was this war calld the cold WAr. It was between america and rusha and it was really bad. It was so bad that my daddy said he used to hide under his desk at skool ro rusha woodint see him.

It all started when Rusha killed the Zar and started to have a communism. A guy named Lemon started it all but he died and they froze him like Walt Disney. A communism ment that everyone had to be poor and wear silly clothes like fuzzy hats with ear muffs and not be jewish. Once everyone was poor and not jewish they made this thing called a spudnick and shot it out into space. Everyone in america got freaked becuz the rusha had a spudnick and we didn't.

But then we remembered that we had a bunch of nucleer mistles and rusha didn't. We started to make lots and lots of them and also a lot of desks for our dads to hide under in school. There was this guy called Krucheff who was king of rusha and he didn't like president jfkenidy. He got so mad at him one time that he took off his shoo and made jfkenidy smell it. Then becuz he was a bad guy, he sent all his nucleer mistles to cuba which is near porto reeco where my family goes for vacayshun.

The guy that ran cuba was this guy named fiddle castro and he was bad too. Luckily, we put a bunch of pigs in their bay and they gave up and took all the mistles away. Someone got so mad that they killed jfkenidy and everyone got the day off from school. My dad said it was sad becuz kenidy was a cathlic like we are and nobody gives any dam respect to an irish cathlic, dam it. Then daddy drank a lot.

Know what else was bad? There was this guy called mCCarthy and he was in our goverment. He said that everybody was a "rooskie" and a "cummie" and he got a lot of people in trouble. He had a list that he wouldnt show anyone which is like when my mom gets me a present for Christmas but she wont show it to me till Christmas even thoo she got it after thanksgiviving. mCCarthy was a dork and noone liked him and when he was all like "'the army has cummies in it.' They were like "'no way, dork' and then nobody listen to him anymore and he drank himself to death like Mom says Dad is gonna do someday.

The cold wAR lasted a long time but nobody got killed even thoo it was a really bad war to have. It ended in 1989 which is when I was born which is why I don't have to hide from spudnick under my desk at skool. Rusha is still around and its way big too, but they don't have as many nucleer mistloes anymore. They have a king now named Poopin and hes not as mean as the old ones. They are all still poor too but we aren't becuz my famly has 3 cars and 2 dogs and a swiming pool.

By Gillian Pensavalle