Of all the wonders that dot our shores
Like mountains, rivers and she-male whores
There is one not to be missed
And that would be girls that kiss.

With wisdom gleaned from dykes of past
They hold you tight in their grasp.
As their tongues go swimming to and fro
Down your pants your hands will go.

We cannot help it, it's natures way
To be turned on by women so gay.
For we all do like this sexy vision;
The softer side of lesbianism.

Now let me tell a story to you
About a girl I thought I knew.
Her name doesn't matter, only the fact
That she liked to kiss girls, imagine that?

We went to a party, all drunk and some stoned
I thought by the end she'd be all on my bone.
We ended up talking to another young girl
With big blue eyes and brown hair in curls.
I was in heaven, for you'd be so too
One girl is OK, but you can't beat the two.
Just when I thought that I could do the pair
My friend started to stroke the other one's hair.
It started all playful and sexy and fun
But soon they decided to get business done.
And off to the bathroom they strode very fast
Leaving me standing with my thumb up my ass.
Wanting a look at the doings inside
Through a crack in the door, I peeked with my eye.

And what to my wandering eyes did appear?
Two hot girls kissing and drinking my beer.
I couldn't complain, it was just too damn hot
And girls making out should never be stopped

I didn't go home with either of them
They soon parted ways and went back to their friends
But nothing can wipe that kiss from my mind
Not sadness, not pain, not distraction, not time.

So raise up a glass and pray from these girls
That bring a new light into our worlds
They may not like you, but do not dismiss
The wonderful hotness of girls that kiss.

Dedicated to Kate and Katie